Video marketing for better conversion rates

https://www.youtube.com/embed/xJ5E-kklq38Why invest in video marketing? If our brain has windows it would be our vision. Yes, we take in a lot of information through our eyes. We believe our eyes more than we believe our ears. If pictures can aid in making a decision, how much more so can videos?  Therefore online video marketing is the in thing. One of …

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How mobile optimized website increases your profits?

As smartphones gained popularity, increase in mobile shopping picked up at a tremendous pace.  Evidently more and more people prefer to use mobile phones rather than their laptops or PCs.  And now there is no looking back. Therefore websites need to be designed to suit all of these devices. It is important to optimize your mobile website. Why? On average, …

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Advantages of Social media marketing

There was a time when people thought that only the young generation uses social media. Well, that has changed for sure. Social media is very popular among young and old alike. And this has become the latest and best way of marketing. Therefore it is important to understand and improve social media marketing and social media optimization. Knowing how social …

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importance of quality content over quantity

The Importance of Quality Content over Quantity in Digital Marketing

“Quality over quantity” is an adage we have been taught from our school days. However, in today’s business scenario where profitability is everything, such noble sentiments end up at the bottom of the list. This article will help you see that if you really value profitability, then, at least in the matter of website content, you will follow the principle …

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reasons why should audit your website on a regular basis

Reasons Why Should Audit Your Website on a Regular Basis?

Early diagnosis of any problems your website has will save you the potential loss of numerous customers. That might raise a number of questions in your mind. What is the website audit, or website content audit? Why is the website audit necessary? How to audit your website? What website audit tools are available? How can you generate a website audit …

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