5 Smarter Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

5 Smarter Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

Every business owner who thrives for satisfaction is always eager to know about what his clients or customers would think about their services.

Although analytics and data give insights into what customers want, a marketer always wants it to hear straight from the customer.

Customer feedback is all about hearing how they felt and what they expect to improve from your business.

It helps understand the marketers where they have to develop and bring new features in the customer way.

Paying attention to customers’ feedback brings real improvement in fixing the problems and bringing the right opportunities for the business.

You have to be clear and specific with the purpose, why you’re asking for customer feedback.

  • To improve your product by hearing from customers?
  • To know what features your users would want to see in your product?
  • To know whether customers are satisfied with your product or not?

Asking for feedback on the specific product increases the most effective ways of responding.

Well, here are 5 smart ways to get customer feedback consistently

  • Surveys
  • Feedback boxes
  • Reach out directly
  • Social media polls
  • Live customers questions and Answers


Surveys are the insights that help a business to develop and take wise decisions. The business that conducts surveys is 33% more likely to be successful. There are two basic ways of surveys.

  • Long Survey:

Long survey is creating a separate page link that contains 5-10 questions, which would take probably 10-15 minutes to fill. This link will be directly sent to customers asking for their feedback.

  • Short Survey:

A short survey is an inbound survey that takes place on the business website. It includes 1-2 questions and consumes less than 5 mins of consumer time. This is the most effective way of getting a response from the customers.

Types of surveys:

  • Pop-Up survey:

Popup survey is also known as an on-page or on-site survey as it directly popup on the website. As it shows up on the website, you can expect hundreds of results.

  • Social Media survey:

Social media survey allows you to build and engage customers and prospects on social platforms. These social media connections share their views, beliefs, and information on your business with one another.

  • Email Survey:

An email survey is asking customers for their feedback by email. The sent email consists of hyperlinks in the HTML code. The given feedback will be recorded in the email database.

Feedback boxes:

Feedback boxes

Customers think the feedback box is the best way to respond to the small issues on the website. These small issues you will not hear it from others because they are seen as small.

Questioning the visitors at the right time matters but, sometimes even it could irritate and make them walk away from your website. So, giving them the freedom of feedback box, it will be a motivation to tell about small problems.

Build your feedback box as simple as possible; it motivates your customers to write to you. You must always be able to respond.

Reach out directly:

Reach out directly

The repeated customers are the true value of the business they can identify, new opportunities to develop business. It helps to obtain the major benefits for your business. Inquire them how’s your company supporting them to solve their problem.

Reach out to your customers and learn what’s going on with your business. They can explain the specific area where your business is lacking.  Call them down for lunch or make an appointment to directly meet your valuable customer. Reaching out directly will give you more value than hundreds of customer surveys.

Social media polls:

Social media polls

In the modern marketing era, conducting polls across social media allows businesses to engage users through fun. They are quick and easy to conduct, and results are immediately displayed after one has cast their vote.

Social media polls are a wonderful way to attract people to give their feedback. These polls provide insight into products or services where they need to be improved and what your customers are expecting from you.

Benefits of Social Media polls:

  • Involve customers and prospects in decision making
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Gain fresh market insights
  • Cheap and provides excellent ROI
  • Get to know your audience
  • Increase traffic to the website

Live customers questions and Answers:

Live customers questions and Answers

Before going live, promote your campaign; make sure your customers aware that you’re coming live.

Throughout a live Q&A campaign, your customers or prospects ask you questions, and you have to answer them on the spot. It’s unlike other forms of feedback because the intercommunication is immediate, and both get the information instantly.

The feedback might be about a product that newly launched or services offered. They give you real-time feedback on what features are missing and how they can be improved further. Sometimes they show how a product is used in a different way than its purpose.

It’s good to have live communication on a regular basis so that you and your customers would both benefits.


The fortune 500 companies like Google, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, etc are successful because they spend time understanding their customers and their feedback. Customer feedback is a way to improve your business and also your reputation. Let your customers know you’re paying attention to their feedback; it improves trust and credibility.

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