7 Indicators Help You Understand Your Digital Marketing Strategies Need Development

The best way to know your digital marketing strategies need development is by knowing whether it’s meeting your expected results or not. Until and unless you don’t know how to measure your campaign metrics, you will not understand whether it is effective or not.

Try to figure out the results of your existing digital marketing strategies, and how long have they been resulting in positive. Possibly another thing that could help in measuring is finding out how many campaigns are generating the best results.

The following indicators will help you recognize that your digital marketing campaigns need development.

1.Unable to Acquire Maximum ROI:

Unable to Acquire Maximum ROI

Every marketer wants to acquire customers through their digital marketing campaigns, the cost per acquisition (CPA) is the determining factor of your ROI.

Always monitor the results of your campaigns. Compare the results to know which campaign is producing more leads. The main goal should know which campaign is attracting more clients within the lowest CPA.

Now compare the results of your campaigns with the campaigns on different channels. It helps you figure out whether your digital marketing needs development or not.

2.Low Engagement on Social Channels:

Low Engagement on Social Channels

Social media marketing is one of the biggest brand awareness platforms. The marketer’s goal on social media campaigns is to generate engagement for the brand.

Based on the data, brands should post content that engages the audience. On social media, each channel has its metrics to measure. Comments, likes, shares, and other factors indicate the level of engagement of your post.

If your posts are not engaging, assume that your strategy or campaign needs development.

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3.High Traffic with Low Conversions:

High Traffic with Low Conversions

If a campaign generates high traffic, it is called a successful campaign, but if it fails in converting the same traffic into customers or clients, what should it be called?

Remember that your ultimate goal should be to acquire high traffic and increase conversion rate along with visitors subscribing to your newsletter or reach you to work with you.

Use analytics tools to track your conversion rate, know your ROI on each campaign. It helps you understand where you need to focus.

4.Low Returns on Paid Advertisement:

Low Returns on Paid Advertisement

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads drive more leads if executed correctly, but what if it executed incorrectly? It becomes more and more expensive for each click.

Many brands commit a mistake of targeting the wrong audience who aren’t making their minds buy a product. It increases the cost per click (CPC).

The main goal of paid marketing should be attracting a relevant audience with focused and relevant content. Also, test your campaign before it goes live. It ensures a low cost per click and maximizes ROI.

5.Buried Search Engine Ranking:

Buried Search Engine Ranking

Most people use search engines to find information about brands, services, and products. When people search for brands or products or services like yours, if they don’t find your website in the search engine results page, understand how many potential customers you are missing each day.

Investing in SEO, optimizing your website, publishing high-quality content, and targeting the performance keywords help your website rank in search engines. And also, attracts valuable backlinks to your site and improve your ROI.

Top rankings in the search engine help you attract more organic traffic and leads to your business.

6.Unable to Analyze Performance Reports:

Unable to Analyze Performance Reports

The above indicators involve analyzing marketing efforts or reports.But if you have no idea how to measure results or how to analyze reports? Then it’s going to be a problem. You have to improve your approach or learn how to measure your marketing results.

To get the idea of measuring the results, run a campaign, and know how many leads or customers approached your campaign from the results.

This information will not help you in understanding the revenue or cost per acquisition. For that, you have to know how to choose effective Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your digital marketing strategies. KPI’s Knowing how to track using KPI’s will help you understand the results of your campaign.

7.Unable to Meet the Required Revenue:

Unable to Meet the Required Revenue

It is the most crucial indicator that your marketing needs development is when you unable to meet your anticipated revenue. For the efforts you put into your digital marketing, you should acquire results in terms of revenue.

Always focus and make a note of which marketing strategies are driving revenue to your business.If your marketing strategies are not seemed to be worthy, then you have to relook on your marketing strategies, and the cost spent on them.

Investing without measuring the results will impact the overall revenue and budget of your business. So, check on your revenue, which is the primary source of your business. If your business is unable to meet the required revenue, you need to develop your marketing needs.


If you’re not unable to see the traffic, leads, and revenue in your digital marketing efforts, continuously evaluate and look for these indicators in your digital marketing strategies. It will help your company be aware of and earn success in every digital marketing campaign.

Every marketer or owner should be able to analyze and evaluate the results of the marketing campaigns. Monitoring and tracking the results will help you understand where your marketing needs development.

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