7 Smarter Ways to Build your Business using LinkedIn

7 Smarter Ways to Build Your Business Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform connecting professionals, business leaders and decision-makers all over the world.

Many people on LinkedIn still see it as just a platform for job offers. But all you have to know that it is also a social space where you can develop a network for your business.

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks with more than 562 million users worldwide.

LinkedIn for Business:

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is an incredible networking tool. It has revolutionized networking by leveraging genuine connections more efficiently. Its online platform build for professional networking was founded in 2002.

Create an Eye Catchy Business Profile:

Eye Catchy LinkedIn Business Profile

LinkedIn gives you more space, unlike other social media platforms. You can clearly mention all the information and services of your business in the summary box. This helps your network to know your potential business.

The more time you invest in building your profile or a business page, the more connections you can attract on LinkedIn.

If you use a profile photo, keep it professional and sized properly or use a logo for your business page. You can attach three custom links, blog posts, videos, info graphics etc.

Create your profile giving all the information including email and other contact details. This helps your prospects to directly contact you.

Connect with More and More People:

Connect with More LinkedIn People

Connect with friends, co-workers, and businesses you know, along with other people in the same industry. You can connect with people without any limitations.

Connect with your favourite blogs and follow them to not to miss any update on LinkedIn from them.

If you want to generate leads or looking for a job change then accept all the connection requests and also connect with the people working in the top companies of your industry.

Always be active to connect and set your profile open to the public because no one knows when an opportunity on LinkedIn might knock your door.

Develop your Relationship with your Connections:

Develop Relationship with LinkedIn Connections

If you want to gain the full benefit of LinkedIn networking interact with your kinships and build meaningful connections.

Comments are the most important factor that draws the attention of your connections. Ensure your reply to the comments posted on your content. Comment on other people’s content besides just posting your own.

You can respond, interact, spark discussions, and ask a question in the comment section. LinkedIn is a two-way street you can give recommendations and ask for recommendations.

LinkedIn groups are also the best ways to start discussions, improve connections, and to get and give business tips related to your business.

LinkedIn as a Publishing Platform:

LinkedIn Publishing Platform

LinkedIn is the most advantageous platform for content curators and bloggers. You can post your business articles and as well as can promote your blog articles.

This is not just the space to promote your website content but also the native content you post on LinkedIn to create brand awareness.

Your quality content can increase your connections, shares for your content and profile views for your business.

LinkedIn for Online Reputation Management:

LinkedIn for Online Reputation Management

All the social media profiles also show up in the first place of the search engine results page.Your business page will be an important factor covering up the keywords to make you stand as #1 profile on LinkedIn.

Join highly professional groups where you can find your industry mates working with the same motive. The group name listed on your profile page will increase your reputation.

If your reputation strategies are good, your LinkedIn profile or the business page will be placed along with your website on the top of the SERP.

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Posting Regular Updates on LinkedIn:

Posting Regular Updates on LinkedIn

Posting regular status updates consistently improves your identity among all your kinships. Your connections will get notified each time you publish a post.

This makes them easily react to your post and remember you as you grab their attention. The creative with short titles are more likely to attract likes and reactions.

Improve Conversions and Lead Generations for your Business:

Improve Conversions and Lead Generations for Business

Targeting the right people works more effectively than publishing a 10,000 words article. LinkedIn is the right platform where you can find the decision-makers of various industries.

LinkedIn says that 40 Million of their users are in decision making positions. They have the potentiality to buy a product you sell because more than 44% of LinkedIn users earn $75,000 annually.

Even LinkedIn makes your work easier by offering sales navigator plan. It helps to get insights into your leads, provides automatic lead recommendations, and provides an advanced search facility.

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Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is an enormous network building platform. Start focusing on LinkedIn to improve your business, brand awareness, and to drive social traffic to your site.

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