Social listening is the best and the cheapest way to understand the health of your brand. But this does not happen automatically. Just as a doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat and breathing to realize and diagnose your health, social media monitoring tools help you to understand and diagnose any issues with your brand.

Such tools will aid you in gaining the necessary knowledge that will help you to take practical steps concerning your social media marketing strategy just as a stethoscope helps a doctor to listen clearly, so also the tools of social listening help a social media marketing agency in listening to the ever-evolving consumer mentality clearly and readily.

Wisdom in using social media monitoring tools

Wisdom in using social media monitoring tools

Tools always help you to accomplish more. A social media marketing agency values the influencers who love your brand. Social media monitoring tools will enable your brand to find those influencers who will promote your business. They also help you to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. These tools help you decide on what topics your consumers are interested in and on which platform these need to be placed. They help you to keep an eye on the competitors. Such tools enable you to protect your brand name. So, there is wisdom in using social media monitoring tools.

Powerful and effective social media monitoring tools :

1) Mention


Mention is a self-explanatory tool. It monitors all that is mentioned about your brand.  It identifies social influencers and generates real-time reports. It uses a Boolean search, which makes it easier to find relevant information by narrowing down your search. This social media monitoring tool allows you to set up alerts that pop up when you mention your brand name.  It is compatible with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, news and blogs, YouTube, and the web.

Offers: Basic services are provided free. They are offering 15% savings on the yearly plan.

2) Awario


Awario is also of Boolean search mode. It is one of the best online reputation management tools. Its vast scope allows you to monitor the entire web. With it, you can research your industry and obtain consumer insights. It enables you to find and interact with prospective customers. Like Mention, Awario also helps you to identify and research top influencers and manage your brand reputation. Awario is an excellent option for social selling. Like Mention, this is also available for Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, news and blogs, YouTube, and the web.

Offers: Awario gives 14 days of a free trial, they too, offer 15% savings on the yearly plan.

3) Brandwatch


Brandwatch is a class of its own among social media monitoring tools. It has its visualization platform called ‘viza,’ ‘analytics’ for online conversation, and ‘audiences’ so that you can understand your customers.  It allows you to gain insight into a specific audience such as gender, the location of your consumers, their interest, or their occupation.  Utilizing 50 different combinations, you can filter the results of the conversations. This tool allows a social media marketing agency to organize its data through the help of automated rules. The best feature of this tool is the personalization of the sentiment algorithm. Since the audience posts a lot of visual media, this social media monitoring tool helps you monitor images. This tool supports Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, QQ, news and blogs, and the web.

Offers: On request.

4) SentiOne


Although SentiOne is a social media monitoring tool, it also has management features. This allows you to monitor the entire web, and the search for keywords can be done in any language.  It helps you peep into the top sources of mentions throughout the web. You can generate PDF reports and export data and charts. This tool supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

Offers: Free trial is available before the yearly plan, and you can save 20% on the annual plan.

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5) Agropulse


Agropulse gives you a 2-in-1 option, social media management, and monitoring. This tool is a great help for social media marketing agencies because it helps you find comments made on social media posts and also search for keywords on Twitter. The CRM lets you create lists of prospects and influencers. It allows you to assign conversations to your team members of the social media marketing agency. This supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Offers: Agropulse gives you three options: small plan, large plan, and enterprise solution. A social media marketing agency can decide what suits them the best. The yearly plan saves up to 35%.

6) TweetDeck


As the name reveals, it is a tool that assists you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and trends and presence. It allows you to create several ‘streams’ in columns to search for specific keywords or trending posts or direct messages and mentions.

Offers: 100% free!

7) Keyhole


Keyhole is very compatible, with Twitter and Instagram letting the social media marketing agency automate posts or track keywords or hashtags. It also has offered for Facebook and YouTube. This social media monitoring tool will enable you to obtain analytics, such as sentiment analysis and keyword clouds. Keyhole provides API access in higher-tier plans. It supports Twitter, blogs, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Offers: The monthly offer comes with one keyword search and 5000 social media posts. It has four other plans with ten searches and 250,000 posts.

8) Oktopost


Oktopost is specially designed for B2B brands as a unified inbox for all social media platforms. It is equipped with the collaboration of social publishing and analytics, employee advocacy insights, and such features. It supports Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Offers: Offers depend on the number of user seats, social profiles, and organization structure; therefore, you could request a demo.

9) BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo enables the social media marketing agency to identify the most popular content on the web. It is also a useful tool to analyze and monitor your Facebook pages. BuzzSumo guides you as you decide on which is the best day to post and how long the posts should be and what type of content is appropriate. It supports Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Offers: Basics are free, and those who need an upgrade have four options. The yearly plan saves you 20%.


The face of marketing is continually changing. Social media marketing agencies have a high demand because many brands are seeking their help to do research, to gain customer insight, to analyze their competitors, and to make sales. And social media monitoring tools are becoming more and more affordable and an inevitable need of the hour.

So when you choose a social media monitoring tool, ensure that you select a tool that is tailored specifically for your needs.

Make sure you engage with people who mention you on social media. A social media marketing agency is fully equipped with social media monitoring tools. Ensure that you make the best use of social media monitoring tools to find out the trends and accordingly adapt your customer service, marketing strategy, and product strategy. Yes, Social media monitoring tools are the eyes and ears of the social media marketing agency.

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