Complete Report on Local SEO Focused Link Building and Content Development

If you have a website and want to acquire traffic from the search results, you need to improve secure links from relevant websites. It means build inbound links, known as backlinks or external links, are HTML hyperlinks.

Importance of Local SEO Focused Link Building

Local SEO Focused Link Building

  • Links are a strong ranking factor in Google’s search results.
  • Links play a prominent role in building an audience.
  • Securing a link on another website provides access to your website, developing a scope for new and referral traffic.
  • A link is confidence in business from one site to another. Each link creates several opportunities, connections, and generates relationships.
  • Links are essential to increasing traffic online. A website without links hardly gets any traffic.

According to a survey held by Moz, nearly 80% of the local marketers are buying ads on Google with a 10% addition to the last year. The survey mentioned above results obtained from 1,300 local marketing enterprises, small businesses (SMBs), and multi-location organizations.

The survey held asked about the impact of COVID-19 on budget cuts on different marketing. Most of them said (70%+) are dealing with budget cuts. And 74% believing businesses will return to normal after the lift of the lockdown. Many companies put their PPC, Social Media Marketing, and localized web content aside and focusing on SEO link building factors.

When asked about what are the SERP features that most focused in the COVID-19 period, marketers said: 1) featured snippets, 2) local packs, 3) Google Business Profile, and 4) “we don’t have a SERP feature strategy.” And 77% said Google My Business is the new home page of the local businesses.

The following are the local SEO tactics where most of the marketers wanted to invest :

local SEO tactics

  • Local link building – 18%
  • Local content development — 15%
  • On-site optimization — 13%
  • Technical analysis of ranking/traffic/conversions — 9%
  • Website design — 8%
  • Review management – 7%
  • Social media – 6%
  • Email marketing — 5%
  • Technical needs — 4%
  • Schema — 4%

In its survey, Moz observed that the local SEO tactical list in industries such as automotive, real estate, and legal are given below.

  • Review management – 13.9%
  • Local content development – 13.2%
  • On-site optimization – 13.2%
  • Local link building – 11.1%
  • Technical analysis for ranking, traffic, and conversions – 10.4%
  • Website design – 9%
  • Schema – 5.6%
  • Other GMB Profile features management – 5.6%
  • Technical needs — 4.2%
  • Social media — 3.5%

According to the survey, the link building, content development, direct requests, and sponsorships are the top strategies that drive the highest ROI. For a clear understanding, check the survey result graph below.

local link building strategy

Most of the survey respondents said, “use of Google My Business profile features (e.g., Posts, Q&A) impacts rankings in the local pack.”

The GMB elements posts and Q&A do not develop your local rankings. The reviews and photos shared will improve your rankings in GMB.

Moz released insights on where local SEO present within an agency.

  • (48% of the time) in the marketing department
  • (15%) business owner
  • (9.1) account managers
  • (6.6%) webmaster
  • (3.4%) IT department

About the usage of tools, 68% of the marketers said they were using 2 to 5 local SEO tools, 12% said they were using six or more, and 20% said they were using one or none.

Google designed Local SEO to be user-friendly. Once you create your GMB profile page, things keep running for you. It’s easy and understandable and can start your link building and content development keeping your GMB profile page in mind.

For more information and tactics, read our Local SEO tips to rank your business high on google.

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