The healthcare industry is not just a fast-growing industry but a quickly evolving one as well. Gone are the days when a family physician would care for basically most of the family’s health care needs. Today, we have specialty and super-specialty hospitals that work in a very professional manner. Medical tourism is a related industry that has seen great strides in recent times.

Does the health care industry require digital marketing? Yes. If so, a number of additional questions arise. This paper will answer the following questions:

  • Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Healthcare Organizations?
  • The Evolving Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry
  • Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry
  • Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy Tips
  • Digital Marketing Proposal for Hospitals
  • Impact of Digital Marketing on Healthcare
  • Digital Marketing to Doctors
  • Healthcare Industry Market Trends 2019
  • Healthcare Marketing Budget 2019

Why is Digital Marketing Essential for Healthcare Organizations?

why is digital marketing essential for healthcare organizations

Is digital marketing of any significance in the health care industry? The short answer is ‘Yes.’ Remember, health care is not just about caring for emergency situations. Quite often, emergencies result in the patient being taken to the nearest hospital for treatment.

However, health care also includes treatments and procedures that are planned and scheduled. In such situations, patients and their families pick a hospital of their choice for their treatment plans. Skillfully handled digital marketing initiatives are very helpful in such situations providing patients with much-needed information so that they can make informed decisions.

Today’s internet generation looks for answers to their health-related questions on the internet. They search to see what the symptoms they are experiencing could mean. When they have a diagnosis, they search for treatment options. When a doctor suggests a particular treatment option, they search for options before they make a decision. When they are prescribed medicines, they search for information on the side effects of the drugs. Among all the subjects that are searched for on the internet, searching for health care information ranks third.

The Evolving Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

the evolving role of digital marketing in healthcare industry

There was a time when traditional forms of advertisement were the only means to inform the masses. However, today not many pay much attention to these. Instead, the internet is their go-to tool. The internet is where they find the nearest clinic, locate specialists for the health conditions they have and so on.

In times past a doctor’s fame was spread around by word of mouth. People who have benefitted from his treatment would recommend him to others and they would locate him for assistance with their illnesses. Today, people do not have the time to sit around and talk as they used to. Hence this role is taken over by social media. Individuals write about their experiences and make recommendations which greatly influence others in their search for a suitable doctor or hospital.

Digital marketing for hospitals and health care organizations takes on great significance as they need to create and manage a website providing information as well as manage the social media creating a positive brand image.

Digital marketing is also important for biotech, pharma, and medical equipment manufacturing companies in reaching doctors and medical professional. These individuals quite often do not have the time to go out and check on things and hence the internet is the one place they turn to for information.

Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

digital marketing for the healthcare industry

As mentioned earlier on, many today look up their symptoms online to try and diagnose their illness themselves. Sadly though, not all information that is available online is reliable and trustworthy. Therefore good digital marketing would include providing information that is informative and helpful but also, more importantly, accurate and factual. These should be of good quality and provide a depth of information that is useful.

It is also good to widen social media engagement by members of your healthcare organization. Providing online opportunities for individuals to chat with doctors and specialists from your organization will build trust and your brand name. Online forums for discussion on health topics are a worthy investment. Digital applications or digital products are a valuable long term investment. They pay off in time as they build your brand reputation.

Good digital marketing for the health care industry would include a strong digital presence and good reputation or brand management.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

healthcare digital marketing strategy tips

Health care marketing strategy or digital health care marketing strategy requires careful thought and much planning. Here are a few tips that could prove very helpful.

Write in a conversational style. Always provide clear, concise answers. Do not use medical jargon but use terminology that common people can understand. Use long-tail keywords keeping in mind the questions people often ask. Ensure that your keywords are in the metadata or the schema of your web page. Always provide relevant, verified information.

In designing your website place important information and call to action buttons on the first scroll of your landing page. Ensure that it is easy to navigate on your website. Add fresh content to blogs regularly. Reply to appropriate queries on relevant forums as that will enable you to obtain good backlinks to your website.

Use the new AdWords interface and audience manager to help you segment your audience and personalize your marketing campaigns. Use cookie data and audience data to personalize your feed.

Optimize your website for voice search as well. A very high percentage of health searches are voice searches. Factor in misunderstood and wrongly spelled words as you optimize for voice search.

Make good use of social media. Facebook and Linkedin are perhaps the key choices for the health care industry. However, you could also identify and target other social media platforms depending on your target audience.

The key purpose of a successful digital marketing strategy is to ensure that your brand name is safe, credible, and trusted.

Digital Marketing Proposal for Hospitals

digital marketing proposal for hospitals

The importance of digital marketing for hospitals cannot be overemphasized. A large number of individuals today use search engines to find information and compare hospitals before booking appointments.

Many research hospitals on mobile devices and most of them book an appointment using the same device. Therefore hospitals wishing to attract patients need to have a strong online presence. This is not easily done, however, the experts at ADing can help your organization. Please go through the blog “Reason why today’s market needs digital marketing agencies” on the ADing website to see what you could expect from a digital marketing agency and what they can do for you.

Impact of Digital Marketing on Healthcare

impact of digital marketing on healthcare

In a survey more than 40% of those polled mention that social media would influence their choice of doctors or medical facilities. This in itself is evidence of how digital marketing is impacting the health care industry. Many use the hospital website to know about the services available. Appointments are booked through the internet. Reviews and testimonials posted on the internet greatly influence the choices made.

Patients today are more educated and better informed. This education they receive from the internet can help them understand the doctor, as well as the treatment plans he outlines. They are also more aware of the implications of a recommended procedure.

Digital marketing also influences doctors and medical professionals in the decisions they make. Pharma, biotech, and other medical companies provide information on their websites as well as on other areas of the internet. This influences doctors who then prescribe, or recommend medicines and other health care products.

Digital Marketing to Doctors

digital marketing to doctors

Digital marketing is of great assistance to Doctors as well. For one thing, pharma, biotech, and medical supply producers target doctors. This provides them with information that is helpful to them about medicines and other latest products that are available in the market. They are then able to recommend, prescribe, advocate or use these products.

Digital marketing also provides doctors and other health care professionals with an online platform to discuss treatment options and obtain additional helpful information. Doctors can use these resources to improve the quality of health care that they render. There are a number of critical situations where doctors would welcome a platform where they can consult and discuss matters with other experienced doctors.

Non-blood medical management is one aspect of health care where doctors have benefitted a lot from such online platforms. Doctors and surgeons are able to obtain suggestions from those who have performed similar surgeries or treated similar maladies. Thus a number of complex surgeries have been carried out without a blood transfusion.

Surveys have revealed that patients are happy with health care professionals using an online platform to obtain further information that would assist them in making treatment decisions.

Healthcare Industry Market Trends 2019

healthcare industry market trends 2019

What can we look forward to in 2019? The healthcare industry is certain to grow and further evolve. However, to stay on top of it, digital marketing would be an inevitable necessity. There are certain aspects of digital marketing that organizations will have to follow through on. ADing is well placed to provide the necessary assistance.

The aspects of digital marketing and information that ADing provides in with regard to them on their website is provided below.

Besides these three aspects, ADing can also assist with social media campaigns that would form an integral part of the digital marketing strategy for the health care industry.

Healthcare Marketing Budget 2019

healthcare marketing budget 2019

As health care industries work out their budgets for 2019, they should allocate sufficient funds to follow through on digital marketing strategies. Then allocate your budget according to what is yielding results in among the various forms of digital marketing. Certain social media sites may be more suitable for your brand name. Focus there and use trial initiatives to explore new platforms. The initiatives you would focus on would depend on your target audience.

All said then, digital marketing is something health care industries cannot do without.

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