facebook india’s net profit rises 40% in fy 2017-18

Facebook India’s Net Profit Rises 40% in FY 2017-18

Why Facebook is an Excellent Social Media Marketing Platform?

why facebook is an excellent social media marketing platform

Facebook has once again proved true to its claim to be the favorite social media channel. During the financial year 2017-2018, its net profits rose by 40%. Facebook has once again demonstrated that it is the chief social media player in the country and thus would need to undeniably figure in the social media strategy India.

Despite increasing costs and expenses, as well as the many complexities about taxation in India, an increase of 40% in profits is a very significant figure and is a key indicator of social media trends in India.

In India, Facebook operates through a company that is registered in Singapore. Services that they have provided to Facebook, the US, along with earnings from WhatsApp, have added to the profits.

Social Media Strategy India

social media strategy india

A good social media strategy is an integral part of digital marketing. This means that the company would need to select two or three social media platforms to use for their marketing purposes.

It would sound illogical if the social media strategy India did not include Facebook.

According to some statistics, India has 294 million Facebook users as of October 2018. With the internet becoming more and more easily accessible, and the cost of data usage decreasing, it is to be expected that the number of Facebook users would only increase.

The fact that despite numerous challenges, the profits of Facebook have increased so much is indicative of its popularity. That is what makes it a valuable tool for social media strategy India, or digital marketing.

Social Media Trends in India

social media trends in india

With the internet becoming increasingly cheaper and the number of internet users spiraling more and more businesses are becoming aware of the need for a robust digital marketing strategy. Social media is a key aspect of digital marketing.

With the increase in the number of users accessing the internet on the mobile phone, short brief videos that can easily be downloaded is expected to be the most popular form of digital marketing. Videos and visuals that can easily be downloaded and viewed while waiting for a bus, or when stuck in traffic, or even while waiting in a queue would be increasingly popular. Virtual reality and bloggers are also slated to have a field day during the current financial year.

All the above lends itself to the fact that Facebook will be increasingly popular and will be a central part of any social media marketing strategy. It is, therefore, the course of wisdom to seriously consider using this marketing avenue to push sales.

Social Media Optimization Agency

social media optimization agency

Social media marketing does not just involve putting up a few videos on Facebook. It involves building the right profile on social media. Regular audits are necessary to ensure benefits of social media for your business, that you keep up with changing times and to ensure that your strategy for social media is optimized.

Besides just being present on social media, you have to ensure that as many as possible, look at the post you have posted. It should catch the eyes of the viewer and should be captivating enough for him to look further. It should communicate with potential customers. It should effectively lead him down the marketing funnel.

For all the above to be effectively handled, a social media optimization agency would be required. While the increased profits and popularity of Facebook indicate that it would be a preferred channel for social media marketing, an effective agency would be able to use this appropriately to help your business grow.

As we look ahead to the rest of the 2018-19 financial year, may you partner with an effective social media optimization agency to make the best use of the increasingly popular social media platform, Facebook?

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