Generate Qualified Leads for Your Business in Hyderabad With Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to keep in touch friends, family and others who are important to you. The network each person possesses can also be a great resource to promote your business and get more and more traffic to your website. From kids to adults, almost everyone these days uses one or the other social media apps.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media app and it is made increasingly accessible to users since even feature phones these days have dedicated Facebook access options added to it. If only you knew how to tap this humongous database of potential clients to your website and get them to at least take a look at your product! Most likely a good number of them could become your customers. Here’s how you can achieve this and generate qualified leads for your business in Hyderabad no matter what it is by using social media marketing.

Here are the two major ways to generate leads for your business. The trick lies in using a cocktail of an advertisement and a landing page.

1) Content accessible only via email

Possibly you have some precious content at your disposal. Do not worry if you presently don’t have it, you can always come up with something valuable to attract your customers.

It could be an article or a blog or even a combination of both on certain topics that run on people’s minds. You could give a shot at creating an eBook on a topic of how to perform a certain chore around the house all on your own or perhaps formulate a case study to prove a point of interest to a certain audience.

There are many creative ways to come up with high quality content that affects people’s lives and fuels their interest. Once you have created such content, you can tuck it into a well-designed PDF format and make an eBook out of it.

This information can then be made available to people for free by giving their email addresses. There will be many email addresses generated this way and those who voluntarily give their addresses will be likely to take a look at the products or services you offer to them through emails as they have already got something valuable from your end.

To further increase your chances of getting maximum emails, you can create multiple content or blogs that have valuable information to the audience you wish to target. Having done this you can then make an appealing advert which will help drag people to your website or to an optimized landing page where the valuable content is available at the cost of the email address. You may then keep a track of how many emails are generated using this method to assess which method works best for you.

2) Create contests

A large number of social media audience will look to participate in contests. People look for freebies and prizes all the time, it is an age old trick that still works like a charm not just with school kids but more so with adults, actually with people from all age groups.

Everyone likes getting prizes of some sort and when used in the right way, this method can get you a lot of success in generating leads. All you need to do is create contests with attractive prizes which people just can’t refuse. Giving away the right kind of prize and optimizing the contest smartly, you can make the most out of this method to generate excellent leads for your business.

When you put out the prize ensure that it is in the center of the advertisement on any social media app, example Facebook. You can then tweak your ads to target the specific audience you have in mind. Gift cards make a great prize option rather than cash prizes or any other unrelated products.

The reason for this is once the audience gets the prize, they may cunningly opt out of the subscription and delete their email address from your mailing list making you lose valuable leads. With an attractive ad and a cannot-resist prize all you need next is a fancy landing page where users can enter the contest by giving their email addresses.

It is helpful to run ads and the contest at least for two to four weeks before choosing a random winner. It is always better to get qualified leads, most of who will turn out to be customers instead of getting too many leads who won’t be interested in your business at all.

By understanding and implementing these simple yet profound marketing strategies you will be able to generate plenty many qualified leads which will help boost your business as most of them could turn in to customers. You sure want them, don’t you?

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