Get Your Local Hyderabad Business on Google’s First Page

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  • July 16, 2019

Do you own a business in Hyderabad and want to expand your client base? Be it pearls, necklaces, bangles or any other form of jewelry, be it the tasty, lip-smacking, world famous Hyderabadi biryani or the delightful treat of authentic sweets; you can make your business the best among the rest by ensuring that it is listed among those that appear on the very first page of a Google search.

There is no doubt that these days with everything being listed online people readily turn to the web in order to get information for whatever they are looking for.

Gone are the days where people would seek the help of those who are locals, they now trust Google for anything and everything. Some even call Google a “Baba” or a person who knows it all, owing to its vast listing of businesses and other services. So if you tap on to this great resource and get it to list your business in the very first page, you can be sure to see your business blow through the roof!

While people search for business listings on Google, the fact remains that they rarely go past the first page in their search.

This essentially means that if your business is not on the first page its most likely not to be seen by majority of the crowd that looks for such places.

The best situation would be to find your business on the very first listing as that’s what most people go with but not every business can have the first place, there is only one who gets that place and if it’s not you then at least being on the first page exposes your business to a good amount of audience most or some of whom would become your prospective customers.

Just how can you make this happen? Some may have told you that this is a dream, too good to be true. Or you may have heard people say that it takes a long time, perhaps years to get your business on the first page. However, such stories are far from the truth.The proper use of  SEO services helps you acquire better results.


Here is how you can easily have your business on the first page of Google’s listing.

1) Use top keywords

Specific searches attract customers to certain websites and links. You want to use that fact to the betterment of your business. Check what keywords other businesses are using, even those that are your competitors.

Once you get that information, you can then use those keywords in your own website and divert traffic to your site instead of others as Google will pick up most relevant words based on what people search for. To do this you need to follow the second step.

2) Create content with top keywords on your site

Once you have identified what keywords are going to help expose your business to a larger audience, you can then aim at making the excellent value of quality content over quantity content for your website.While some choose getting blogs and content written for their sites which are crisp and brief, statistics show that the opposite is true. The longer the content the more the benefit. This is because the more words there are in a blog or an article; the more keywords, links and likes will be found within it to attract maximum traffic to your site.

3) Aim at getting a place in the local pack

This is a little list of three places that Google comes up with when a search is done for a particular place in a map. To get yourself into this list all you need to do is be consistent with the three main details of your business, namely, its name, address and contact number.

To further increase your chances of getting a spot in the top three, set up your Google My Business account.

4) Use a responsive design for your website

Merely having a website isn’t enough in today’s cut-throat competitive world. Google recommends having a website that fits all screen sizes be that of a desktop, mobile and even a tablet. This is different from having a separate mobile website.

A responsive design will provide the same user experience across a variety of devices. This comes in handy as most people these days use a mobile device rather than a computer to look for information and are most likely to then use the same device and call the place or service with one click. You do not want to miss this audience- which is a majority!

At the same time you would also be mindful of using keywords that are typical among mobile users and highlighting them on your site as much as possible and thereby fire up your mobile search engine optimization.

5) Have location embedded URL’s
While this may sound weird it sure works, stats prove it! Have the location or at least a part of it in your domain name, if you don’t currently have it. It won’t cost much but it will bring you many customers. Google latches on to locations since people search for places with the words “near me” and if your domain has the name of the location your business is in, then yours would be on top of the list. Bingo! In Conclusion Use these simple tricks and get your local business in Hyderabad on the very first page of Google’s listings. Your business will surely thrive like never before.

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