Google Search Engine Console – Features and Its Trends

Google Search Console (GSC) can be regarded as a platform that enables you to monitor your website/mobile app; thereby allowing you to optimize your website’s organic presence. Using GSC, you can monitor app-site performance, actionable search results, traffic rates, page loads and backlink loading capacities.

GSC allows you to see what Google sees and thinks of your website, and here’s the best part – it is a free SEO tool to use. GSC acts like a buddy to marketers, SEO specialists, content strategists, bloggers and anyone who maintains and is responsible for a website’s smooth functioning.

If a high performing website, suddenly encounters a dip, the quickest way to figure out recovery is through GSC.In this blog, we try to touch on a few new features that will highlight additional functionalities of the new GSC.

Google Search Engine Console – Features, and it’s trends:

Basics on getting started :

  • Start by adding the domain name and proving that the website on launch belongs to you.
  • Head over to Google Search Console home page.
  • If you have a Gmail account, use its credentials to login on this page. Else, you will have to create one account and then login.
  • From the menu on the left, select ‘Add Property’.

select property type

  • Look for the Label new, and add all your sub-domains, HTTP and HTTPs if any.

domain ownership

Please make sure that you verify the domain ownership by editing your DNS.Once this is done, you will be able to log in and use GSC.Here are some of the basic things you need to take care before you jump in on using new features.

Generating a site map

A sitemap is an XML file, and it contains the URLs that find a mention inside your blog. This file helps Google Crawlers find all the URLs of your blog. Crawlers are similar to bots, and they scan through the index of this map to help identify a link efficiently.This map will also help you keep track of the links that are in/out of your website.

Configure Site Settings

Site settings will allow you to set sections like ‘Geographic Target.’ This is most useful if you have your target audience well defined.

Configure Site Settings

Remember, we spoke about the crawlers? They have something called the crawl rate, which decides how efficient and structured and SEO friendly your blog is. Therefore, frequent changes in your website will increase your crawl rate.

Site Links Management

Site Links are most important pages of your website. They are frequently referred by you from all other pages. Google will rank these pages up such that, they appear first in the Search Results.

Additionally, you may choose to configure this tab by adding the most relevant or important link of your site in this. You can also choose to block unwanted links and sites that may have been created because of secondary links.Sometimes, Google puts in Privacy page here. You can, at any time, change this by accessing this tab.

Performance – Uses New Console

Top ranking keywords are important. Including these in your blogs or other articles within the website will help you rank better.

The ‘Performance’ section in GSC will allow you to understand what keyword is helping you rank higher. It also gives you insights on Google Position and CTR.

google search console performance

Coverage – Uses New Console

This is another new feature that allows you to check if there are any site links that are broken. You can have this tested for one of your site maps or otherwise for all of your links.

Coverage – Uses New Console

Google Discover Report – Uses New Console

This feature is the most important one when you consider being spotted based on users’ interest. Imagine you have great content or have spent a lot of time making good, readable content. The objective thereafter is to be spotted by users. Google uses specialized algorithms, to map a user’s query to the most readable and useful content out there. If that happens to be yours, your work will be ranked higher than the rest.

For optimizing your content such that Google can discover you are as follows:

  • Producing high quality articles and blogs that your users can interact with.
  • Using high quality images in line with Google recommendations.
  • Keyword based title and headers
  • Using links from other blogs you have written, on to the main page

In the GSC, find the Performance tab and then the option Discover. This tab will help you find n-number of performance stats such as CTR, high performing pages, and so on.

Some of the most important things you can figure out using GSC is-

 Monitor your CTR over a period of time or more specifically for your campaign.

  • Monitor the increase and decrease in ranking of your website
  • Trying to figure out why are certain pages not indexed
  • Figure out organic search capabilities
  • Identify performing and key words that work for your website

Conclusion :

Google designs everything to be user-friendly. Once you log in and have things up and running for you, GSC is a matter of cakewalk! It’s extremely easy and understandable. We suggest you spend time playing around elements and tabs to have the choices you’d normally prefer.

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