Google has released its second core update in the year 2020. Unlike the January update, the May core update has vast implications followed by the corona pandemic, and experts already knew what it is famous for.

The core update is famous for shuffling the organic results and rankings of websites. Due to the pandemic hit, Google has lost its reliability of conferring better results to its users.

As a part of recovery, Google released a broad core algorithm update to find the best and updated results for its user search queries.

What is Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Broad Core Algorithm Update

A broad core algorithm update is an update that impacts a large portion of websites’ visibility.

  • Broad core algorithm updates come with far-reaching impact, unlike regular core updates.
  • Google said the fluctuations in website ranking would last up to two weeks.
  • The sites will notice fluctuations in search rankings when a core update rolls out.

What are the main objectives of Google Core Algorithm Updates?

main objectives of Google Core Algorithm Updates

The effects of COVID-19 on Google made it to take an early initiative towards recovery steps.The primary objective of the May core algorithm update is to produce effective search results for its users.

Google wants to ensure no fake news goes through its SERP due to this update, many health and wellness related websites see huge fluctuations.

COVID-19 has changed what people are searching for on Google’s search results. The local search results are going to be more accurate and relevant for the COVID-19 period.

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What do updates focus on?

Broad Core Algorithm Update focus on

  • Content relevancy is the key factor that Google focuses on producing effective search results.
  • Google’s broad core updates do not target a specific industry. The algorithm may affect your industry, but it does not imply your industry was explicitly focused.
  • Google’s core update affects factors like user search intent and understanding of how blogs and web page’s content is relevant to the user search.
  • Google answers for its health search queries are going to negatively affect the medical sites.
  • Google algorithm updates also have affected link related factors such as the use of some no-follow links for search ranking purposes.

What to do while the core update?

what to do while the Google Core Algorithm update

  • Wait until the results settle down, don’t make any changes to your website.
  • Track the sites that are ranking and try to understand the strategies that made them succeeded.
  • Focus on content presentation and originality of the information provided.
  • Ensure your web page content satisfies a user search query.
  • Google ranks a web page based on content relevancy rather than the quality of the website.
  • View the changes in the point of user expected search intent.

Recent Google updates:

Recent Google updates

These are a few recent updates that Google has amended on its SERP results.

  1. Featured Snippet De-duping — January 22, 2020
  2. January 2020 Core Update — January 13, 2020
  3. International BERT Roll-out — December 9, 2019
  4. BERT Update — October 22, 2019
  5. Unnamed Update — October 2, 2019
  6. September 2019 Core Update — September 24, 2019
  7. “Maverick” Update — July 12, 2019
  8. Site Diversity Update — June 6, 2019


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