Google’s New Tool to Reveal the Fastest Growing Product Categories Amid the COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way marketers look at the market in just a few months. In this time of uncertainty, Google has launched a new approach to help marketers. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it helps the marketers with the most searched product categories.

The tool is named as “Rising Retail Categories” it provides insights on the rising product search in a market.

Due to COVID-19, the change in consumer behavior is unpredictable. Google made it simpler for marketers to understand consumer behavior and focus on the crowded niche to target customers.

Unless and until you know about your customer’s interests, you cannot target them. Google trends are one such tool that helps to target customers in a particular niche.

But when you don’t know which niche to look for, and you still want to succeed in your business.Here comes the Rising Retail Categories tool.

The Features of Rising Retail Categories Tool:

Rising Retail Categories features include the percentage of the search volume of a product over some time. It is an easy-to-use tool designed more like Google Trends.

It provides a list of the most searched product categories based on the geographical location. It shows how much percentage of consumer interest is generated in a group.

Using a list of menus, you can screen the data based on different geographical locations, as well as the period from weekly, monthly to yearly.

Top trending categories

But currently, Rising Retail Categories only provides the United States, the United Kingdom’s, and Australia’s search data.

Google’s new tool also provides a map view indicating the highest search volume of the selected product category.

Relative Volume of Sprinkler Accessories

By selecting a product category, you will view a list of the latest queries in that category.

Google specifies that it will update the data daily to replicate instant changes in search results.

How to Use Rising Retail Categories Data to recover your business :

Google offers this service to help businesses to recover using this data and apply it to their marketing efforts.

#1 Content creation and SEO:

Use Google’s Rising Retail Category to learn where people are interested in the market and are searching for information. Writing on these trending topics can help you drive organic traffic to your site.

#2 Promotions and paid search:

This new tool data can be used for advertisements and paid campaigns, helping with keyword planning as well as cost planning. You can also use Google Trends to find terms related you the present search behavior.

#3 Product ideas and ad creation:

Use Google Rising Retail Categories data you can capture the public imagination. Choosing a trending topic or production line in the market helps you to improve the present business situation. It enables you to understand the ways of ad creation using email, Facebook, or other means.


Google provides these updates of product searches daily for the next few months.This is the best tool that provides freshest insights on what’s trending in this pandemic.

Using this regular update, our digital marketing agency can leverage your digital marketing, targeting the right audience.

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