Hiring an In-House Team Vs Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring an In-House Team Vs Digital Marketing Agency

Every business who needs an online presence should have to come across these primary professionals:
>> Website designer; who architect your online presence.
>> Graphic designer; who attracts eyeballs by pouring colors into your website.
>> Content writer; who gives meaning and life to your website.
>> An SEO specialist; who showcases your business as #1 amongst your competitors.

Without these people, no business gets online presence that easily unless you hire a Digital Marketing Agency, a one-stop solution for all your problems.When you want to build a new website or redesign an old one, you will have to choose the choice of hiring an agency or get an in-house team to do it.

In-house Team:

In-house Team

Hiring in-house could take months to find the right employees, yet you manage to hire a team, there might be job-inconsistency problems to face.

If even you have a digital-savvy employee, he or she cannot handle all the work efficiently. The fact is that most of the in-house employs are freshers working under respective teams.

The cost of hiring an in-house team includes salaries, office supplies, desks, digital equipment, tool subscriptions, and many other bills. Unless you own a multimillion company, it’s very tough to maintain an in-house team.

Digital Agency Team:

Digital Agency Team

The digital marketing agency team are marketing experts who have the industrial experience to help your marketing goals.

The agency team will have ample years of experience and are well-known for coming up with fresh, exciting designs, their innovative ideas and strategies breed creativity. By hiring an agency team, you’ll usually be profiting from a team of talented designers.

The agencies have designers, marketing managers, UX specialists, SEO/SEM specialists, content managers, SMM specialist, and coders, who can together get anything done for you in very less time.

Differences Between In-house Team and Digital Agency Team:

In-house Team and Digital Agency Team

Years of Experience:

The in-house web team has experts specialized in one or two areas with not more than 7 or 8 years of experience in the field. They understand company needs and provide solutions that best suit your requirements.

People working in an agency would have a lot of experience, mostly 10+ years, working on many projects over the years, they have learned a lot of skills and strategies, therefore know what works and what does not.


Digital marketing is a quick-moving industry its latest technologies would have fresh ideas for websites. The latest updates in the algorithm might not be a priority for an in-house team.

Whereas an agency quickly adapts to the latest technology, as their whole work moves around the websites. They will be up to date in the latest software and the algorithm updates.


The in-house team might not possibly know about all the tools that improve the quality of work. Sometimes the paid tools subscription depends on the company’s outstanding budget for the project.

When it comes to a digital marketing agency, paid tools are utilized for every work. Paid tools crawl sites, discover social audiences, expose backlink opportunities, generate more efficient reports, etc. The cost of these tools is possibly thousands of dollars per year.

These thousand dollars of expenditure will be covered while hiring an agency. Hiring an agency makes smart choice.


An in-house team will be in your pay role, whether you have work or not. But, there will be the flexibility of a quick response from your team.

Partnering with an agency brings you a lot of flexibility as a customer both in terms of work and time. If you are not sure about the size of the project, you can initially hire the agency then continue as and when required.

Cost Comparison:

Coming to the cost, in-house digital marketing includes
>> Job Ads
>> Screening Resumes
>> Interviewing
>> Background Checks
>> Training New Hires
>> Job Salaries
>> Office Space/Utilities
>> Employee Benefits
>> Vacation
>> Yearly Bonus

The most important is salaries, these are based on the candidate experience, for example, see the below table with approximate values

In-house job rolesExperienceINR Per monthTotal INR Annually
Digital Marketing Manager7+60,0007,20,000
SMM Manager6+40,0004,80,000
SEO/SMM Specialist3+30,0003,60,000
Content Manager or Writer4+40,0004,80,000
Front end Developer3+30,0003,60,000
Web Designer5+40,0004,80,000
Graphic Designer5+40,0004,80,000
Total Budget 2,80,00033,60,000

Digital Marketing Agency Fees:

ServicesMinimum Fees (Monthly) INRMax INR
Basic SEO5,00020,000
Advance SEO25,00080,000
Web design15,0001,00,000
Landing Pages10,00030,000
Total Budget80,0003,60,000

Key Takeaways:

  • An agency gives you access to more professionals
  • An In-house team brings a lot of unexpected costs
  • A full set of marketing tools is flabbergastingly expensive
  • Marketers serving on in-house teams tend to get bored and quit


Hiring an agency is a smart choice, particularly for larger projects, they will dedicate 100% resources to get the job done, and you will have the flexibility to make changes when necessary. If you are running a small or medium size business, an agency would be the safest and most effective solution provider for your digital marketing needs.

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