How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing?

When machines demonstrate human-like intelligence it is called artificial intelligence. Machines can be designed to capture data, analyze them and draw conclusions that help in many different operations. The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) can be seen in many different aspects of our lives. One area where AI has been very successfully used is in digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence can analyze data relative to a potential customer and customize according to the individual. It is able to generate unique ads and customized messages based on personal behavior. It can analyze digital marketing trends to even predict sales. It can thus result in faster conversions and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Certain surveys indicate that more than half of all businesses are currently using AI in some form or the other in their digital strategy. With the many advantages that AI offers, businesses cannot afford to ignore the role of AI as part of their digital marketing strategies, lest they become history.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence

impact of artificial intelligence

Consider a few areas where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has impacted the digital marketing strategies of businesses. As we discuss how AI has influenced the digital strategy, notice how it is beneficial in driving your business.

  • Improved UX: AI analyzes data relative to the individual and is able to generate customized content depending on customer behavior. It is able to generate personalized newsletters and personalized emails. This makes the customer feel that he has got a personal message. There is an emotive impact as the customer feels that the item is especially useful to him or has been handpicked for him. Since the message and its content is specially patterned for the individual, he feels that the product is particularly designed for him. All these ensure that there is a much higher chance of the individual moving down the marketing funnel. The result is higher conversions.
  • Customer Predictions: AI analyzes customer behavior. It can analyze their activity not just on your website but across sites on the internet. It can analyze their responses to questions. Based on a large amount of data that is analyzed AI is able to predict customer behavior. This helps in streamlining the digital marketing strategies used.AI can forecast sales and help decide on the target audience that the business could focus on. It can help you focus your digital strategy on areas where you will have a higher ROI. It will help you avoid flooding uninterested persons, or those without real customer potential, with a heap of messages that would yield no real results.
  • Customer Support: A number of businesses already use chatbots in customer support. One of the key aspects that many customers look for is quick support. Chatbots help businesses respond quickly and round the clock to customer queries. AI trains the chatbots in responding appropriately to queries.
  • Test for SEO: AI can test how your website fares on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It can test your digital marketing strategies. It can analyze and keep a check on your website. In case your website happens to crash, it can alert you so that the interruption is minimal for the organization and for customers. It can also tell you the basic problem so that you can avoid a recurrence.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is a very intense process. It involves searching for comments that you can use to build up communication. You need to keep track of potential customers to see what they are interested in and what they are searching for. You need to determine what the best time would be for you to publish your posts.These and many other aspects of social media marketing are made easy by the use of AI. The few aspects of digital strategy that we have discussed demonstrate how AI is transforming the manner in which businesses handle digital marketing strategies.
Digital Marketing Trends

digital marketing trends

Although AI cannot create customers, it can collect and analyze information, and draw valuable conclusions from it. The results can be used to streamline your digital marketing strategies. AI can ensure maximum success and the highest ROI. It can bring in the maximum conversions.

Once set up AI does not require much human intervention. It can continue to function and bring in results. Since AI makes informed decisions based on real data that has been analyzed it is much more realistic and actual.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing digital marketing. Businesses need to determine if they would keep up with the changing scenario or be left behind, only to eventually become extinct.

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