How Digital Marketing Solutions help COVID19 affected Businesses

How Digital Marketing Solutions help COVID19 affected Businesses ?

We all know how the outbreak of COVID-19 affected the lives of people around the world. This invisible juggernaut has took 197,246 lives by now and counting on. The quick spread of this pandemic resulted in the loss of many lives, businesses, and economy.

At once it stopped us from thinking about traffic, leads, and conversions and made us learn how to wash our hands properly within 20 seconds.

A small invisible sized virus humiliated all the mankind and forced to maintain social distancing. It made us stop hand-shaking and not to ignore coughing and sneezing.

The bitter fact is even after the spread of the virus stopped; businesses will face vast exploitation. Here are some solutions to handle the situation and maintain a consistent growth in your business.

The first solution for everything in this pandemic is, stay-home and stay-safe.

Effects of COVID-19 on Businesses:

Effects of COVID-19 on Businesses

First of all, let us now understand the hurdles faced by many businesses due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Below is the list of hurdles faced by businesses.

  • Decreased organic traffic
  • Low conversion rate or zero conversion rate
  • Static cost per click in Google AdWords

Decreased organic traffic:

Decreased organic traffic

As a digital marketing agency, we work with hundreds of clients in various industries. Our SEO experts observed a huge fall in the organic traffic in the first two weeks of the pandemic. Our client’s global companies whose traffic used to be more than 3,000 visitors per month has witnessed the lowest of the lowest.

With the effect of the corona pandemic, not only the global companies but also the local based companies faced a huge loss of organic traffic.

Low conversion rate or Zero conversion rate:

Low conversion rate or Zero conversion rate

Most of the industries have passed through the zero-conversion point. Even the most visited financial industry has also undergone a drop in the conversion rate.

But the sites that updating news on the corona pandemic are attracting more traffic and are also asking their visitors to have a paid subscription to continue reading on their sites.

Static cost per click in Google AdWords:

Static cost per click in Google AdWords

The day of the major headlines announced on COVID-19 is the day of impact on the performance of the PPC campaigns. The traffic that generally used to hit the campaign is lowered due to the effect of COVID-19.

The bid price for the keywords stated before the pandemic remained static though there is a drastic downfall in the search arena.

Digital Marketing Solutions for the businesses affected by COVID-19:

Digital Marketing Solutions for the businesses affected by COVID-19

After analysing the situation many business professionals understood that the medium of business is completely going to be online from the next few weeks to months. Small and medium businesses are now thriving for online presence to ensure the survival of their business.

The below solutions help businesses to recover their organic traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Update your business information on Google My Business page:

business information on Google My Business page

Google My Business is providing an update on the current status of your business, whether it is open, close or temporarily closed during the effect of coronavirus. It helps your customers to know you are open for business or not.

GMB is encouraging businesses to update their status. It’s important for the local businesses to update because it ensures you’re working and increases the chances of acquiring sales.

Use Social Media:

Social Media

Social Media channels help your customers to know you are still working and open for business. Create posts to encourage your customers to fight against coronavirus by performing online business staying safe at home. Staying online and reaching everyone keeps you, your family, employees and customers safe.

Engaging and helping your prospects and customers makes you stay strong together in this critical situation.

You can use Facebook ads and Instagram ads to reach your targeted customers.

Google AdWords Campaigns:

Google AdWords Campaigns

As business professionals revealed online is the only source for businesses, there is a huge increase in the PPC campaigns.

As discussed, there is no change in the cost per click in Google AdWords. It is the best way to reach your target audience.


It is true that coronavirus affected many businesses, and it is also true that businesses will see a consistent rise in their revenue through online platforms for business.

These effects are likely to continue for the long-term, if you stop all your marketing efforts. So, plan your digital marketing services today and ensure your business growth.

The awareness of this pandemic brings control and stop the spread of COVID-19. We recommend you to encourage your customers by answering their queries by being online.

Stay online, Stay safe.

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