How to convert your website visitors into high-quality leads

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  • April 25, 2019

The purpose of digital marketing, or in fact, of designing a website is to increase sales. Therefore, converting website visitors into high-quality leads, and progressively moving them down the marketing funnel is the goal businesses work towards. What could you do to achieve these goals? Let us consider some keys.

1) Google Analytics with Lead feeder

Google Analytics with Lead feederGoogle analytics helps you know how many people visited your website, but Lead feeder uses reverse IP to find out who those visitors were. You could then set it up so that it alerts you to individuals or companies that have visited your website repeatedly. It allows you to automatically assign a representative to follow up with the visitor, or you could generate an email including contextual content depending on the pages the user has visited, or you could even start a live chat with them. Thus visitors, especially repeat visitors, who are potential clients are not ignored. This rich source of valuable leads can be tapped for eventual conversion.

2) Exit Pop-ups

Exit Pop-upsYou could design your website so that when a user is dragging his cursor towards exiting your page you engage him with something that might interest him. You could encourage him to signup for a free newsletter. You could request to connect with the user on social media. In return for his contact information, you could offer him some exclusive content. You could make an offer of a discount or offer some freebies that might attract him. In any case, this gives the user another opportunity to give positive consideration towards what you are selling. It gives you a good opportunity to obtain contact information that could prove helpful as you nurture him gradually towards making a purchase.

3) Live Chat

Live ChatThis is one of the most effective methods of making a conversion. It helps you interact with a user while he is on your website. You are able to discuss relevant matters with him and can personalize your messages. This has a greater emotional impact on the user as you are engaging him when his mind is on what you have to offer. It greatly increases the possibility of a conversion. It also helps you guide the users as they search for the specific information they need.

4) Lead Forms

Lead Forms

Lead forms is an excellent means to select potential customers and weed out unproductive leads. Instead of having just a one or two field lead form, ensure that your lead form has multiple fields. A right balance is needed. You should be able to obtain the necessary information but you also need to ensure that it is not too overwhelming to scare potential customers away. This accomplishes a number of things. For one, if a user is not willing to fill in a few fields, he is most probably not ready to make the purchase. The information you collect will also help you discern the type of customer the user could be, and you could then adapt your pitch accordingly. Ensure that the fields have the right type of validations. Thus, you will be able to ensure that you have leads that are productive and perspective. For more take a look at marketing strategies to attract more customers.

5) Landing Pages for Campaigns

Landing Pages for CampaignsWhen running a campaign, it is good to adapt your landing pages to the campaign. As an example, if you are offering a discount and are advertising for it, ensure that your landing page reinforces that offer and has CTA buttons that motivate a user to convert. Ensuring that your advertisement and landing pages constantly convert is an indicator of relevance to Google as well.

6) Call to Action Buttons

Call to Action ButtonsEnsure that you have an appropriate call to action buttons according to the content on each page. Keep it simple. Ensure that it is easily visible.

7) Thank You Page

Thank You PageAs a user exits your page you could have a popup thanking him for the visit. You could also include buttons to lead the user to your social media pages or inform him of alternate offers the user might be interested in, depending on what he has just viewed. If the user leaves his contact information, an immediate email to acknowledge his interest and to cultivate that interest based on his browsing pattern would go a long way in following up on the lead.

We have herein discussed seven key steps you could take to ensure that your website visitors are not just window shoppers but actually customers who make a purchase. For best website development services, visit ADing agency.

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