The top place in Google search rankings is the wish and desire of all organizations. The higher the website is ranked, the better the business prospects understandably as people often do not look further than the first page. But how do you get your website on the first page?

How to aim to get the gold medal of Google, the first page ?

how to aim to get the gold medal of google, the first page

Ranking ! Whether it is in academics or sports, ranking matters, even more so on Google. In sports competitions, people only remember 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or gold, silver, and bronze, as if the rest have not even participated.

Well, perhaps that is better because there are at least three ranks, but on Google, there is only one that is the first page. Your company will be remembered if you appear on that first page.

Knowing this, companies try to get themselves ranked higher. It is important to focus all the time if you want to see your business grow. So here are a few ways to get ranked higher.

How to take up multiple spots on Google’s first page ?

how to take up multiple spots on googles first page

Ensure that your GMB (Google My Business) accurately filed out. Upload several photographs and name them appropriately. Request your customers for positive reviews.

Make sure that your website and social media profiles have the appropriate maps link. List your organization in many relevant categories. Have some addresses in different places as proximity is a very important factor in search results.

Publish your organization’s profile page on authoritative websites such as Facebook. List your Facebook page along with your website in blogs and posts.

Gently tag happy customers to such pages and push them to leave positive feedback. Ensure the page optimized with title tags, images, and captivating content.

Use more specific keywords. As an example, instead of ‘bags,’ use ‘women’s sling bags.’ While the number of searches might be fewer comparatively, the conversion rate is much higher as users are searching for a specific product with the intent to purchase, and this will bring your website higher in the search ranking.

An SEO strategy that has a higher success rate

an seo strategy that has a higher success rate

Even if we know the entire textbook, on the day of the exam, you have to provide the right answers to the questions. Google is looking for three components. There is no use of having a website if it does not satisfy those three components.

Without those three, your website will bury like many other websites. Are you wondering how do I optimize Google search? Let’s consider each of those SEO strategies.

  • When is your site indexed ?

when is your site indexed

Google is not interested in when your website created, but the date when Google recognized your website. A man does not make a name just because he is born. But he makes a name and is identified by it according to what he accomplishes.

Similarly, your website needs to make a name with Google through good quality content. Google looks for quality content over quantity. Ensure your digital marketing agency has qualified content writers who give preference to quality content over quantity content.

These work like a GPS, directing Google to you so that it can find you and index your site. Indeed, it cannot be done overnight, but patience and diligence pay off eventually.

  • Content can either draw visitors in or drive them away

content can either draw visitors in or drive them away

As we discussed, content plays a vital role. If the content is written meticulously, like GPS, it will lead visitors to your site. If the content is informative and attractive, the number of visits will increase because the visitors may share your link with others who are looking for the same information.

content is informative and interesting

Authority effect can be compared to popularity. The audience you are popular among defines your quality and how many know you depend on the number of links you have. Authority keeps increasing with the number of links. With the help of tools such as SEMRush and MozBar, you can assess your authority.

  • It is not enough to audit your accounts, audit website on a regular basis

It is not enough to audit your accounts audit website on a regular basis

It is crucial to audit your website on a regular basis, especially if you have added content recently. Baseline metrics will help you to gauge your success rate.

Check and record results on how many clicks on a specified call-to-action, the number of sessions, and the session duration. It will help you understand if your strategy is effective.

  • Optimize Website for Voice Search because it has become a part of life

optimize website for voice search because it has become a part of life

Almost all the mobiles and their apps enabled with voice search. And it is something that goes with the person wherever he or she is. These can be used even while driving.

Since people around the world live busy lives, they prefer to make a voice search on the go. It is quick and convenient. Therefore, it is significant to optimize your website for voice search.

One might think, what is the need to optimize voice search ? Well, the text search and voice search are different. Voice search is more like a conversation. “Best biryani in Hyderabad” in voice search might become a question, “Where do I get the best biryani in Hyderabad.”

Therefore, it is vital to know how your audience might speak about various things and carefully incorporate the keywords accordingly into your SEO strategy. So optimizing voice search will surely help your website welcome more visitors.

The above strategies can bring your company higher growth and help your website lead the Google search results. Discuss your goals with your digital marketing agency with regards to SEO strategy.

Ensure that you have quality content over quantity. Audit your website regularly and optimize your website’s voice search. It will effectively increase the number of prospective customers visiting your site.

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