How to Measure a Digital Marketing Agency’s Work?

Digital marketing agencies are the captains of your ship, your product. They steer your product through raging waves of online competition and make sure you never have your shipwrecked because of a hidden iceberg like problems. Therefore it is important to find just the right Digital Marketing Agency.  Also, it is equally important to make sure that they are continuing to do their job as efficiently and as diligently as possible.

You always measure something with another thing to get accurate results. Here are some of the measuring rods to accurately measure the work of an agency.

Measuring Rod of Experience

measuring rod of experience

The smart client would analyze to see what industry experience an agency has. They should not be apprehensive to work with varied competitors. This could include competitors from other locations too. Try to figure out what kind of clients they have worked with, and how long have they been able to retain a client. Perhaps another thing that could help in measuring is finding out how many clients they lost and why did they lose them.

Seasoned agencies should not have a problem in producing a case study of projects that they have handled for another client which has similar goals like yours. So do not hesitate to ask for a case study.

Measuring Rod of Transparency

measuring rod of transparency

Honest and diligent agencies are as lucid as an ice cube, they provide clear reports. Notice not just what they report regarding their performance, but also how many details they provide how often do they provide those reports, and when would they provide them. The tools they use should be effective.

Try to locate their team. Some agencies might outsource their work to a third party in another state or even another country. That might pose a problem in executing the work. Therefore request for a face to face talk with the team. And also the client could ask to see the team members’ certification. If they are transparent they would surely arrange for such a meeting.

The job of an implementation specialist is one common thing the agencies outsource. Therefore request for a meeting with the implementation specialist. That will help you gauge their transparency.

Measuring Rod of Understanding

measuring rod of understanding
An agency which rushes into tactics without making an attempt to understand the business is like the ship that is heading toward an iceberg. The agency should be able to understand your customer base and all the facets of your business. Make sure of the quality of work if they are too eager to run your business for you tomorrow.

You cannot run on autopilot mode for long. Beware of agencies that promise you that your business will pick up after one or two campaigns, while they go relaxing. Even if they do so, you should be able to see the graph of progress go up and make sure your agency is doing just that. Ensure that they are manning the machine.

Measuring Rod of Strategy

measuring rod of strategy
Find out how many years of experience does the SEO team have. Request them to explain the specific strategies they are recommending, their approach and why they choose that particular strategy. Would they be able to give an example of another client with a similar scale? Since not all searches should lead to the home page, find out what pages they are aiming at. Are they able to provide a set of keywords for tracking?

Notice how their conversions from search traffic have grown over a period of one year. If you move to their agency, what would be the most important step to keep your rankings? A good agency should be able to give you a list of services as part of your website strategy and ensure that the strategy is well maintained.

Measuring Rod of Successful Social Media

measuring rod of successful social media
First of all, find out if they are going to outsource the job of creating content for your social media, and what tools do they use to schedule the content. Ask them to explain how they will measure the success of such a campaign.

A renowned agency would be able to give the client a candid report about the lead and website conversions. They ensure that they work with the client in setting unambiguous goals and objectives for social media campaigns. And thus be able to accurately measure the success of such goals. They will not be satisfied with getting thousands of likes or followers, a superficial statistic. Instead, they emphasize the importance of implementing a comprehensive strategy.

Measuring Rod of Pay

measuring rod of pay
Some agencies base their fees on commission, retainer fees and so on, so it is important to know how their fees are structured. Most of them take a compensation percentage as a fee. It could be between 10 to 20 percentages. A fee-based structure is a convenient method of compensation for both parties. It helps them to have more precise predictions of their recurring expenses.

Figure out what you are paying for, services or strategy or both. A good agency will tell you what type of audit they recommend, and how often they do audits for their clients. Ask them about which KPIs you could focus on. Let them explain what their approach is to optimize SEM strategy.

Measuring Rod of Communication

measuring rod of communication
Communication needs to be kept alive in any business relationship. A reputable digital marketing agency should be able to communicate well enough and often enough. Therefore when they communicate with you, respond quickly. Such a response gives them a message that you value quick communication. But then, this speed in communication should not reduce over time.

Listening is an important part of communication. Ensure that they are listening well. They should pay good attention to your questions and feedbacks. They should try ways to genuinely educate their clients.

Answering at the appropriate time is also important. Notice if they are getting back to you with answers without delay. And in case they sense a delay, they should inform you. They should be able to clearly explain the steps in their process. Measuring the agency correctly will save your brand from major loss.

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