How to Succeed in Google News – Now and in the Future

“Knowledge gives manpower.” It is an ancient adage and is very much in sync in many ways. In today’s internet era, there is an onslaught of information from many different directions. People today like to stay informed, and the information they seek depends on their interests. That is where ‘Google News’ comes in.

Google News is an app, and as the name itself reveals, it has developed by Google. It selects and provides a customized set of articles from a wide range of publishers and magazines. It uses complex algorithms to select news items that it feels would be of interest to the specific user. It is available across several platforms such as iOS, Android, and the web. How to achieve Google News optimization is the subject we will consider.

Google News Ranking Factors

google news ranking factors

Google News Ranking is often considered very complex and controversial. Google News does not use the same algorithms as regular Google does. It does not rely on page ranking. Instead, it has its ranking mechanism.

Google News ranking factors are many. Some of them are the number of user clicks, the location, originality, freshness of the topic, diversity, the assessment of how authoritative the publication is on the particular subject, and other factors. In the case of most recent news items, agencies that are local to the event are given a higher ranking as they can report matters firsthand.

Then there are also different Google News editions. Each edition once again uses multiple factors and algorithms to classify and rate news items. There are no human editors who go through the news posts and rank them. But the entire system automated with the Google News ranking algorithm handling the sorting.

One additional aspect that the Google News ranking algorithm factors are the relevance of a particular news item to the individual user.

How to Improve Google News Ranking?

how to improve google news ranking

Some suggestions to improve Google News rankings are discussed herewith.

  • Originality:Publish original news items. Do not copy older publications and republish them with just minor adaptations or changes.
  • Perspective:There would be many writers and journalists writing about an incident. If you wish to ensure that your article stands out, write from a perspective that is different and fresh.
  • Time:Being the first to publish a news item is always a great advantage. Ensure that whatever you report on is current and up-to-date. Publish it fast. You can make minor adjustments and provide updates later.
  • Title:Ensure that you have a meaningful title that provides as much specific information as possible.
  • Introduction:Ensure that you’re opening paragraph and the opening line is clear and crisp. It should contain specifics
  • Provide concise information so that you can further elaborate it into an article.
  • Details:Include all the information you can in the article. Include specific names, dates, and locations.
  • Click-through Rate:Ensure that you have a catchy and informative headline and opening sentence to ensure a higher click-through rate.
  • Graphics:Include graphics. Include pictures and videos to add to the appeal and also to make it more informative.
  • Authoritative:Ensure that you provide concerned and verified information.
  • Events:Be alert to the happenings in your city and elsewhere. While planned events like the elections, games, and other programs can be kept track of, keep your eyes open at all times.

The quicker you know of a newsworthy incident, the faster you can write it out, and the better chances you have to improve Google News ranking.

Google News Content Guidelines

google news content guidelines

What are the factors that need to keep in mind concerning Google News Content? Discussed herewith are some Google News Content Guidelines.

  • Headlines:Ensure that you have clear headlines. Remember, Google looks at the HTML title tag and the more prominent text in the content.
  • Date and Time:Ensure that you have one clear date and time.
  • Artificiality:Do not copy old stories and slightly modify it to make it appear fresh. Artificially trying to create content is counterproductive.
  • Honesty:Provide clear information about the author as well as the contact information for the publication. Do not conceal your identity or try to impersonate anyone.
  • Security: Ensure that your website and all its pages secured with HTTPS.

Google News Guidelines

google news guidelines

There are some technical guidelines to be followed before a website incorporated as a source for Google News.

The website should be easily accessible both by the users as well as the Google-Bot. The date format should be followed by dots and leading zeros. There should be no 301-redirects.

The article URL should contain a continuous ID with a minimum of three digits. Google has 70 versions of Google News in a number of languages, and it might be necessary to translate your theme if asked.

The article’s HTML source code should be uninterrupted. The page loading speed is also of paramount importance and should not exceed 200ms per page. It also suggested that your file size should be less than 10 KB.

There are also precise requirements concerning the content for inclusion as a Google News website.

  • The item should contain a legal imprint with your contact information.
  • It should include information about all authors and editors.
  • The website should be maintained by an organization that has many authors and editors. The article should be press-ready.
  • It should give clear evidence of having gone through a proper editing process.
  • Do not include advertisements.
  • Keep generating fresh content regularly.
  • Avoid topics that are not in your usual subject range. Ensure that you have a better library of articles.

A Google employee will check your website thoroughly, with these factors in mind, before your website included among the tens of thousands of websites that are scanned by Google for Google News.

Google News Optimization

google news optimization

Here are some suggestions to obtain Google News optimization.

  • Website: Ensure that there are a few elements as possible besides the actual news on the page. The HTML source code should be headline > image > date > text-body.
  • Content:Fresh content is of paramount importance. If you are the first to publish a news article, you admittedly have an edge over others.
  • Topic:A topic is featured in Google News only if it is the subject of discussion on multiple news sites or it has published on different news websites.
  • Sitemap:The XML sitemap should automatically update itself and have clear information on the publishing date of each article.
  • Content:Use at least 125 words for headline news and 250 words for other news articles. Ensure that these are not linked.
  • User comments:Allowing users to comment on your article is often counter-productive.
  • Speed:Ensuring that the page speed for each page is as fast as possible helps in Google News optimization.

Google News Optimization intended to ensure that your page ranks higher than other sites that present similar news material. Fast, Reliable, and Fresh are the three keywords that go a long way toward Google News Optimization.

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