The Google Page Experience is Now Accountable for Ranking a Web Page

Google page experience update : UX as new Google Ranking Factor

Google has released its new Google page experience update, which counts the user experience as a page ranking factor. If your website users face a poor experience on your pages, Google may not rank those pages as they are ranked as today. This update is expected to go live before 2021, so you have got plenty of time to change your webpage user experience.

In May, Google has released a broad core algorithm update, which is also a part of improving the webpage experience. As a ranking factor, user experience update measures how quickly your page loads and is it mobile-friendly or not. The Chrome team helped site owners by announcing the Core Web Vitals; these are the factors related to speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. These factors help you to measure your site page experience.

About page experience:

page experience

Google has detailly explained the page experience and its target metrics; these factors improve the user experience of a specific webpage. These factors include such as the page load speed, mobile-friendly, runs on HTTPS, the intrusive ads, and if content jumps while the page loads.

Page experience update is a mix of Google updates. These updates include the Page Speed Update, mobile-friendly update, the HTTPS secure connection, safe browsing penalty, and no intrusive interstitials. Optimize your webpages, keeping these factors in mind.

Core web vitals:

Core web vitals

Google’s page experience update is dependent on the following factors.

Factor 1 : Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

This tool measures the loading speed of the webpage. Google determined 2.5 seconds LCP would be the best page starting speed for good user experience.

Factor 2: First Input Delay (FID)

This tool measures the interactivity. Google determined FID of less than 100 milliseconds will help sites to provide a good user experience.

Factor 3 : Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

This tool measures the visual stability. As per Google determination, the CLS score of less than 0.1 would provide the best user experience.

Factor 4 : Mobile-Friendly

Ensure your site quickly loaded on mobile devices. Check your site pages are mobile-friendly or not with a mobile-friendly test.

Factor 5 : Safe browsing

The site owners should ensure that their webpage doesn’t contain any malicious or deceptive content. Always be updated and check for safe-browsing issues with the Security Issues report.

Factor 6 : HTTPS

HTTPS is a secure connection for a webpage. Check whether your page is served with HTTPS, if not, ensure to change your webpage to secure connection.

Factor 7 : No intrusive interstitials

The content is the primary source of the webpage, and it is easily accessible to the user. Know how these interstitials can make your content less accessible.

How to optimize your page experience?

optimize your page experience

Optimize your webpage experience to ensure your page position stands still. Before Google update rolls out, make sure your webpages experience is appropriate.

>> As stated, the below tools can help you measure and monitor the Core Web Vitals.

1.Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

2.First Input Delay (FID) and

3.Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

>> Optimize your page to be mobile-friendly and check it with the Mobile-Friendly Test.

>> By using the Security Issues report, check whether your site has any safe-browsing issues.

>> Maintain a secure connection for your webpages, always use HTTPS for developing your site.

>> Interstitials can make your content less accessible for the user, make sure there are no interstitials used on your webpage.

Google’s main objective is to provide a better web experience for its users. Google said it provides six months for web pages to improve their user experience. If this update rolls out, many webpages will lose their rankings in the search results.

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