The Importance of Quality Content over Quantity in Digital Marketing

“Quality over quantity” is an adage we have been taught from our school days. However, in today’s business scenario where profitability is everything, such noble sentiments end up at the bottom of the list. This article will help you see that if you really value profitability, then, at least in the matter of website content, you will follow the principle of “quality over quantity.”

We live in a highly commercialized world. Everywhere we turn, on the roadsides, in the newspaper, on radio or TV, on the internet, practically anywhere our eyes can go, we have advertisements. With so much vying for his attention, most people do their best to ignore ads.

That is where businesses have a challenge, especially with internet content. While an individual’s eyes, by habit, skim over the content, the presentation should be engaging enough to arrest his attention. With the very short attention span, people have today, the introductory part should be interesting enough for him to keep on reading, rather than clicking out of the page. That kind of quality digital content does not come easily and hence the adage could rightly be quality over quantity content.

Importance of conversion rates with quality content

importance of conversion rates with quality content

Profitability requires conversions. The basic purpose of any business website is to get potential customers into the marketing funnel and then move them along until they become actual customers. This is a complex process and requires skillfully prepared content that will motivate the potential customer to give consideration to the product and make a purchase decision. Quality then is the keyword.

Importance of quality content in SEO

importance of quality content in seo

The importance of quality digital content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reasons cannot be overstressed. Google has very interesting and complex ways of indexing and ranking web pages. They try their best to ensure that the best content is ranked first. This in itself highlights the importance of quality content in SEO.

Let us consider some specific aspects of SEO with regard to content quality. One of the factors that influence Google is how authoritative and informative the content is. The content should provide clear and complete but concise information. It should cover all possible questions and queries without overwhelming the reader.

Two other key factors that Google takes into account are the “bounce rate” and the “time on page” factor. “Bounce rate” is the rate at which customers immediately/quickly click out of the page. The “time on page” has to do with how much time people spend on your web page. If the content is not well written and fails to engage the reader he will be quick to click out of the page. With a high bounce rate and a low time on page rate, the web page ratings drop and SEO is lost.

Content quality guidelines

content quality guidelines

Having considered the quality content benefits, let us now focus on some quality content ideas. Enumerated herein are some content quality guidelines that you do well to keep in mind as these have a direct effect on the conversion rate and thus on your profitability.

  1. Target your specific audience: First and foremost you need to decide which segment of society would be interested in your product, or who are you targeting. This is important because a generally written article would not have a real impact. It has to do with the “language of the heart.” Using language and jargon that your target audience uses on a regular basis would be more effective and motivating than a generally worded article. The graphics, illustrations, color choice, and general appearance all would depend on the specific audience you are targeting.
  2. Content overload: Do not have too much content on your homepage. Having too much text on the home page tests the patience of the user. Structure your information appropriately and have them organized in subsequent pages with a proper menu and tab structure. Having less text requires that you give serious thought to what you include.
  3. Earn trust: Trust is not something that is bought or demanded. It has to be gained or built up. A quality website looks more trustworthy than a shabbily built website. The online content put up should also earn respect and trust by being authoritative and informative.
  4. Focus on the user interface: User interface or user experience can be considered as synonyms. How does the average user feel about using your website? How many clicks does it take before he can find the desired information? Is it easy to navigate? Are the menus logically structured? If a user finds it difficult to navigate through your website or find the information he desires, he will be quick to click out of the website. That increases your bounce rate.
  5. Branding: What impression does your website give of your product? A well-designed website with engaging content conveys to the reader a positive vibe about the product you are marketing. On the other hand, if he were to find typographical errors, grammatical mistakes, and sloppy content, he would tend to believe that the product would likewise be of poor quality. Remember ‘first impressions are lasting impressions.’ And the first impression you give of your product is on the website. Its design and content are what will either attract a potential customer or put him off.

The points we have discussed herein provide certain content quality guidelines that organizations do well to keep in mind. Once again it emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity.

What is duplicate content?

what is duplicate content

Duplicate content is basically the same content appearing in different web pages, or the same content appearing in different places on the web. There could be a number of reasons why this would happen, but there is no reason why this should not be resolved. If the same content appears on different web pages, Google will determine which it would like to index and which it would leave out, and that might not be according to your preference. Also, links to the article get distributed to the different web pages and thus none of your pages get the ranking they deserve. Other websites, even those with inferior content than yours, will be ranked higher because they do not have these issues.

Importance of content marketing

importance of content marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of a robust website. It is good to put up general information that is helpful about the services you render or the products you have without directly marketing them. For example, if you are offering automobile parts, it is good to have articles about safe driving, vehicle maintenance, and so on, that does not directly market your products but builds up trust and respect for your website.

Informative and engaging articles related to your domain of activity will ensure that more people visit your website. It will also result in them spending more time going through the material on your site. This has a dual cascading effect. For one it will build your brand reputation and people will give more serious consideration to the products you offer. At the same time, it will improve your ratings resulting in your website appearing higher in search results, once again generating additional business leads.

Quality content benefits

quality content benefits

There are a number of quality content benefits. We have considered a number of them already in our article. Suffice to say: The quality of content is directly proportional to profitability. In other words higher the quality more the profitability.

Quality content writing services

quality content writing services

Select an agency that provides quality content writing services. Make note of quality content ideas. Take time to build a quality website. Do not worry about how much information you have on the web. Worry about how good the information is that you are putting up.

“Quality over quantity” in the case of website content is not just an adage; it is a motto to live by.

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