Top Nine Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

The year 1997 saw the creation of the first recognizable social media website, Six Degrees. Since then things have been moving at a pace that is difficult to keep up. There are numerous social media platforms available now. It is estimated that by 2021 about one-third of the world’s population would be using social media. Due to its widespread use, businesses have been able to masterfully use social media to help their business grow.

Out of the many benefits you have in using social media to further your business interests, let us here consider the nine greatest benefits.

1) Marketing and Communication has never been easier and faster

marketing and communication has never been easier and faster

Social media allows you to reach out to not just a wide audience as a group but also to individuals on a personal basis. This gives you an opportunity to spread awareness about your products to a large audience. You can engage with those who appreciate your brand, and also find additional users to add to the list.

Using different social media platforms as part of your digital marketing strategy increases the number of boards you are advertising on, so to speak, exponentially. This automatically means that you are reaching out to a much wider audience. If you use hashtags, customers will post things with the hashtag. That is almost as if they are putting up content for you.

Customers can also reach out to you with queries and questions. When you handle these skillfully, they answer not just the ones who have raised the matter but also a much wider audience who might also be looking for the same information.

2) Easier to network and build enduring partnerships

easier to network and build enduring partnerships

Social media can help you reach places that it would be otherwise impossible to reach. You can use social media to communicate with high ranking officials and public figures, such as actors and politicians. You could post information and there is the distinct possibility that you could get a follow back, like or a retweet.

Use social media to obtain backlinks to your website. Build relationships with key influencers and their responses to your social media posts will serve as marketing tools for you.

Your social media posts and the responses from others can help build trust in the minds of others who are watching on. Cultivating such relationships will lead to your gaining their loyalty towards your brand.

3) Improves SEO for your website

improves seo for your website

There is certainly a direct link between social media popularity and website ratings. The number of likes and shares certainly do affect the search engine results. This is understandable because a positive social media presence indicates that the brand is of trusted quality.

Social media popularity is also indicative of authority. The number of likes, shares, and retweets you get indicates if the information you have provided has been helpful and useful. You could come to be viewed as an authority on your domain subject.

Social media also inform a wide audience of the existence of your website. They might otherwise have never become aware of it. The links prompt them to visit the website thus increasing website traffic, which in turn again positively impacts SEO.

4) Create and maintain a branding

create and maintain a branding

It is a fact that people talk and they would be talking about your product as well. Use social media to initiate the conversation yourself. More importantly, rather than just being a passive listener in the conversation you can be an active participant even directing the conversation.

Use social media to build up a reputation, a brand name that gains trust. Your social media posts can make you stand out even if you are a relatively new player in the game.

Be social and engaging. Don’t always be on the selling spree. Provide helpful information related to your business domain in your posts. That will ensure that you gradually become a thought leader in your business domain.

5) Handle customer feedback

handle customer feedback

However good the product or service is there are times when problems do arise. There is the odd disgruntled customer or client. You can directly interact with those customers or clients. They have the opportunity to contact you directly instead of airing the problems in public. On the other hand, if they speak in public, you then have the opportunity to respond and resolve matters quickly thus demonstrating that you are customer-centric.

Positive feedback can also help build up your brand image. Social media gives you the opportunity to seek and appreciate the positive feedback. You are appreciated by customers and potential customers when you interact with them on social media. This results in brand loyalty and a good chance of a conversion.

6) Impresses potential customers

impresses potential customers

Several studies show that people look at an average of 10 reviews before the customer makes a decision. They want to know if the product is worth it. When they hear from real customers and see their feedback it resonates. When they notice how problems have been handled, they are impressed and trust is cultivated.

Humans are emotional beings. Social media is a powerful tool to touch their feels and push them further down the marketing funnel. Use social media to impress in the minds of the viewers the value of what you have to offer

7) Boost sales

boost sales

People like to buy from those they can relate to. Social media gives a human face to your digital marketing strategies. Use social media to build communication and a one to one relationship. Use social media to keep your product or service alive in the minds of potential customers. All of these will result in increased conversions.

Increased traffic on your website means a wider network of potential customers, which naturally translates into increased sales. An active social media presence will ensure that those who follow your account will begin to trust you completely, and in turn, they might even advertise for you. Once again, this would mean increased sales.

8) Generate more sales leads

generate more sales leads

Design your social media posts in such a manner that viewers can express their interest in your product. Collect user information as they express interest and you will have numerous leads to follow up on.

People reveal a lot about who they are and what their interests are on social media. Use this information wisely to specifically tailor your strategies according to the needs of real people. Social media services or campaigns are one of the best ways to increase your sales leads. Take a look at how to generate sales leads through social media.

9) Keep an eye on the competition

keep an eye on the competition

On social media, you can watch and see what the competition is using and the tactics they are employing. Do not copy them but learn from them and improvise. It might reveal problems with their products that you could address in your posts. If you see potential customers raise concerns about your competitor’s products you could step in and provide them a resolution with your product.

Social media marketing is something no business can afford to overlook. Direct some of your resources in that direction and experience the benefits.

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