What Kind of Protocol You Should Maintain With the Digital Marketing Agency?

In this fast-paced world, we tend to stamp on each other’s foot at times. There is more probability of this happening between the client and the digital marketing agency. It is good to remember that you are in a partnership just as in a three-leg race.  In a three-leg race, you tie non-dominant legs together and both partners put your arm around your partner’s waist. This enables them to walk as one unit. If one falls the other is sure to fall. Similarly, if the client and the agency deal professionally with each other and support each other, they will not fall, rather they are sure to win.

The digital marketing agencies might do all they can to provide good service and get good results. Therefore, investing some time to understand how to deal with your agency is worth it. Staying connected to your agency is like being in a three-leg race is very vital to get optimum results.

How can you stay connected to your agency?

how can you stay connected to your agency

Right at the introductory meeting, the client is briefed about the day-to-day contacts. At this meeting, both partners could determine communication expectations, timelines for review and action plans. Establishing regular communication is important. But these sessions need not be superficial. Share something inter-personal not just for the sake of small talk but to stay positively connected.

Speak your mind

speak your mind
Can you imagine what you will end up with? If you ask your carpenter to make a piece of furniture for you without giving any specifications? The agency is going to support you to optimize your business. They deserve to know what you expect from them. Talk openly about your short-term goals, campaigns, long-term goals, and your apprehensions if you have any. From their experience, they might be able to guess a few things that might be on your mind, but they do not mind readers. So be sure to communicate clearly.

Remember you cannot stand still while your partner is trying to run. So participate in all the activities that you think is most important to you. As a client, if the number of leads is important, ask them for that data. If ROI is important for you, make sure you participate in that process.

Honesty is not just the best policy but perhaps the only policy to retain connections. Speak your mind honestly without any hidden agendas. This fosters an honest work environment. Remember that the agency is an extension of the company; they deserve to know about anything the company is planning on such as marketing strategy, long-term sales and so on.

Time is money. You show your respect for others time when you stick to the allotted time schedule for the meetings. Share your agenda points in advance so that the agency can give it a thought before they come to the meeting. Make sure not to constantly deviate into irrelevant topics.

Listen responsibly with your mind and heart

listen responsibly with your mind and heart

A digital marketing agency might work with like a GPS system. They might notice an online traffic jam or perhaps give you ideas on marketing strategies. They might have good suggestions for your company. Those agencies with expert SEO might have suggestions on your website’s search rank. So it is good to listen to them responsibly. And respond accordingly.

In this online world of conference bridges and screen sharing, daily communication is mostly through email or messaging. The problem with such communications is that your messages get crowded out by many other messages. It might be wiser to have a separate communication system dedicated to client-agency communication.

Listening responsibly involves responding to calls or messages or emails within 24 hours. It is good to have quarterly check-ins to discuss program performance and possible improvements.

Trust them with your baby

trust them with your baby

Undoubtedly your company is your baby. You would not want anyone to harm your company. By allowing an agency to manage it online for you, you are in fact letting the agency to babysit your company. This is where the trust plays a key role. Trust the agency to take care of your most important asset. Believe that they have your company’s best interests in mind. Good clients value the expertise and efforts of the agency even when the campaign is not a big hit.

A client that trusts will not question or ask for an explanation of every step the agency takes. They also trust them to try new methods. A trusting client does not burden the client-agency relationship. They will allow the agency to take creative steps, and allow them to grow. Be willing to change, try new tactics, and change with the digital circumstances. Do not compare with other clients. Your company is different; the tactics that work for another company may not work for you. Therefore trust the agency to tailor a digital platform to the specific needs of your company.

Be patient though ambitious

be patient though ambitious
Clients should be interested in ROI. It is natural. At the same time, they understand that to get real value time is required. It is said that patience is a bitter plant which bears sweet fruit. This will help you keep focused and stay enthusiastic about the final outcome. Be patient with the growth and with the diligent efforts of an agency.

As you try to win this digital race together staying loyal will help you to be patient. That loyalty will help you to be patient even when targets are missed or the results are poor. Such loyalty coupled with patience will help the agency to work together to solve the issues at hand. Well, yes a three-leg is won only by walking as a single unit, not as two people but as one body. To have successful businesses, both the client and agency should work as one unit, knotted in loyalty.

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