What to do If Digital Marketing Agency does not deliver their promises?


Hiring a good digital marketing agency is like choosing a good long lasting relationship that will help your business grow and make your brand name to stand out in this competitive digital world.

A reputed Digital marketing agency ensures that they keep their clients happy by providing them with the best services possible. They are expert in their field of industry and can educate their clients on the innovations in digital marketing and will be up to date on the latest trend set in the market. They understand the client’s vision and dream and focus their attention on supporting them and helping their brand name get recognized in the digital marketing world. However, to win a client’s confidence and to get the contract, the digital marketing agency has a well-qualified team that sets a deadline and makes promises as to when they will deliver their services, by giving a specific day and time.

1) Keep a clear goal in mind:

keep a clear goal in mind

Once the agency receives the contract and they start working on the product it is important that they complete the project in the specific period of time as per the promise. However, due to some situation if there is a delay in submitting the project and they are unable to meet the promised deadline then the client needs to be informed in advance of the delay with the reason for the delay. Now the question that arises is what should be done if a digital marketing agency does not deliver their promises.

2) As the saying goes:

as the saying goes

‘Promise is a big word, it can either make something or it can break everything’. And this is true in any business, once a promise is broken it breaks everything especially it becomes very difficult to build that trust back again with the same person or the agency. Hence, commitment is what transforms a promise into reality and so before a serious decision is made it is important to first do the basic homework.

3) Analyze the contract:

analyze the contract

It is important to first sit down and check if you as a client have provided all the necessary information to the marketing agency that they need in order to achieve your business goal. Make sure that from your side all the paperwork is clear because it could be that a certain small detail may have gone unnoticed. Doing this will give you the confidence that from your end the commitment that you have made is sincere and that you will not expect anything less than what was discussed when signing the contract.

4) Follow up:

follow up

Follow up is an important aspect for the successful business. Follow up with the agency on their promises and document it in an organized way. Assign this task to a resource in your team so that there will be owned for this task. Once you ensure that follow-ups have been done and documented, it is time to talk with the digital marketing agency in person.

5) Be Flexible:

be flexible

As a client, it is important to remember that being flexible will be key to exploring new possibilities. During the meeting with the agency, you need to keep realistic goals and deadlines that you would like them to achieve. Remember, good work and results take time and so be patient and set achievable goals. So by being flexible, you give the marketing agency an opportunity to set a realistic deadline and allow them to focus on the project for delivering success.

6) Seek for the explanation:

seek for the explanation

Instead of being hasty and jumping to the conclusion it is always best to first seek an explanation from the marketing agency as to why they were unable to deliver their promises on time. As a client you need to hear them out because there could be many reasons as to why they were unable to deliver on time – it could be that they had an unexpected situation in their office or could be an emergency or maybe they were not very clear on the project details. And it may be that the person responsible to carry out the project must have forgotten to inform you about the situation. So, by demanding an explanation, it will help you to look at a bigger picture as to why there was a delay.

7) Explain how it has impacted your business:

explain how it has impacted your business

It is obvious that because of the delay has done by the digital marketing agency in providing the services, has incurred a lot of damage to your business and so it becomes crucial for you to discuss with the agency about the matter. Explaining them as to what impact has resulted due to their delay will help them understand the seriousness of the matter. Hence, you as a client must be straightforward and tell them up front as to how your business and your sales have been affected due to their negligence.

8) Reset the deadline:

reset the deadline

As far as possible to maintain a good relationship with the agency, it is good to reset the deadline again because it is this relationship with the digital marketing agency that will take you a long way into the future. So, talk to them and set new goals and timeline which will help them also to deliver quality service. By resetting the deadline it will help the agency also realize the damage that is caused by them to your business and they can correct their errors and focus on delivering services of high standards. Also taking this step will help in building the trust again.

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