Why ‘Cybersecurity’ Measures are Important for ‘Digital Marketing’ in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The digital marketing industry is continually evolving, expanding, and modifying to match the current COVID-19 situation. In digital marketing agencies, the security reason why it gets attacked is, it reaches a broader audience. As it also relies on online sources and IT systems, it also has a higher percentage of a security risk than any other industry.

Importance of Cyber Security Measures for Digital Marketing during COVID-19 pandemic:

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many digital marketing agencies have lost their credibility because of the continual data breaches and financial frauds in the industry.

This is why cybersecurity is essential parallel to your digital operations in the digital marketing industry. Cybersecurity can prevent hacker attacks on your digital platforms.

The following are the risk factors related to digital marketing in the Coronavirus pandemic.

1) Website Risk :

Website Risk

We know, a website is the face of a business, protecting a website is protecting a business. A website is most important for companies having a digital approach. Poorly designed websites are easy prey for hackers and criminals. A hacked website can create a financial and reputational loss to a business.

>>> The most common forms of cyber-attacks on websites are:

cyber-attacks on websites

  • Cross-site scripting: A security hacker inserts malicious code into your website to infect and steal data from people who visit your site.
  • SQL injection attacks: The SQL injection attacks are the leading cause of high-profile data breaches. Hackers to get access to your database they prompt commands to your forms and search boxes if your site is poorly built, they can access to your database.
  • Denial-of-Service attacks: A denial-of-service attack on a network resource makes your website unavailable to your intended users by temporarily disrupting your services.
  • Password attacks:Cyber-criminals have advanced tools that can attack a site with related passwords anticipating entry to the back-end.

If an attacker successfully gains access to your website, they can create more and more difficulties.

>>> Safety measures to protect your website:

measures to protect your website

  • Ensure you alter the WP-admin login string from the URL.
  • Make sure you remove the outdated plug-ins; they are most vulnerable to attack on your site.
  • Consider two-factor (2FA) authentication for your systems.
  • Place your website behind a web application firewall (WAF).
  • WAF blocks malicious injections and cross-site scripting attacks.

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2) Protect your Emails:

Protect your Emails

An email is an official contact for any organization. Every email account holder would have certainly come across a spam email.

Hackers would distribute malware and fraudulent receipts to cheat businesses using an email.

Research reveals that 67% of malicious links are delivered by emails, and 1 in every 131 emails contains malware.

Digital marketing agencies can protect themselves from email account hacking, spam, and malware. You have to ensure strong passwords and 2FA on email accounts, and use filters to block spam and malware.

IT employees can check the spam score of your emails to ensure it does not directly move to junk at the other end.

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3) Secure your Social Media:

Secure your Social Media

Social media accounts can easily be hacked and cause severe damage to your brand reputation. Protect your social media accounts in the same way as did for websites or emails.

Secure your passwords and restrict access to only those who need it. Two-factor (2FA) authentication is always the best tool to ensure the security of your social media accounts.

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4) Be Cautious of your IT Systems:

Cautious of your IT Systems

IT systems are the main target for attackers. If they get access to your local network, PCs, or servers, they not only steal data but also can severely impact your business operations.

Due to COVID-19, most of the employees are working from home; at this point, it’s easy for hackers to gain access to your internal IT servers.

Therefore, consider your security and implement robust cybersecurity for your digital marketing business.

5) Backup and Recovery process :

Backup and Recovery process

Despite all the essential measures, your marketing channels will impact marketing efforts as well as your business if something worst happens.

So, it is always equally important to maintain a reliable backup source.

The simple and affordable solution is opting for cloud technology. It is getting more economical and useful for storing business data.


Due to COVID-19, there is a lack of cybersecurity on businesses, leading to financial loss, data breaches, and severe reputational damage.

If your digital systems are secure, you can build trust with your customers and focus on business elements that matter most.

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