Why do Businesses Need Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Why Do You Need Online Reputation Management?

why do you need online reputation management

The great 18th-century Scottish poet and songwriter Robert Burns expressed his desire in these words: “Oh would some power gift us, to see ourselves as others see us.” It proves the point that everyone is worried about their reputation. Who does not want to know what others think of them? Online Reputation is equally necessary, or perhaps more important than what others think of you as a person.

How important is online reputation management for business?


For businesses, online reputation management is a critical aspect of their online marketing strategy. Especially it is more important if you are planning on growing your business.

With the increase in smartphone use, mobile-based consumers are increasing day by day. Surely businesses are going to see a further significant hike in such mobile-based consumers. And since internet marketing is on the rise, it is imperative to have an online reputation management process. Although, indeed, we cannot please all the consumers, having a brand name, and being able to resolve any issues with the consumers will help your business grow. Therefore, it is significant to know what online reputation management is and also to understand what the objectives of online reputation management are.

What is online reputation management and what are its objectives?

what is online reputation management and what are its objectives

Unlike before, now your consumers talk about your product online. They have an opinion on what you sell, the way you present it online, the services you provide, the information you give through your website, and so on. Yes, they speak about you on all social media platforms. And any remark they make can affect your business for good or bad. Therefore, each company should understand the importance of managing online reputation for business.

Online reputation management (ORM) is a strategy to clear out any negative remarks you may have received in your business thus far. Imagine someone splashing ink on your white paper. You have two options: (1) discard the paper; (2) use other colors, or perhaps the same color, and turn that splash into an art. Well, the first option might be detrimental to your business. But the second option is what we call as ORM strategy: it is a strategy to work on a negative remark and improve your services from better to best. To this end, you could use a multichannel plan of action. You could use various means such as blogs, videos, and so on to make your point or clarify things.

How do I clean up my online reputation on Google and Other Platforms?

how do i clean up my online reputation on google and other platforms

Most enchanting hill-stations have no proper roads to reach them. How many tourists do you think will reach such places? Hardly any! Even if you have a great product to offer, you need to make it accessible to your consumers. You need to pave roads, so to speak, to your website. To this end, set up profiles on all possible platforms. It is as if you are paving the way to the site, and you are welcoming your consumers. It also gives them a message that you are open to reviews and comments from your consumers. They will get the feeling that you care about what they think of your business.

The best ORM strategy to clean up your online reputation is to address it. You might feel like shoving that negative review under a pile of your comments. But that does not answer the questions that might arise in the future. So, accept the consumer review gracefully and address the issue politely. Even if you do not agree with the comment made, you could appreciate the consumer efforts and then make your point clear as to why you think the remarks were inappropriate. At this point, ensure that you give a detailed explanation. When the person who posted a negative review, reads your reply, he might be motivated to correct himself and give you a better review.

A company that is aware of its business will prevent itself from becoming a victim to a debilitating blow of negative reviews. The point is, you can only address what you know. So, make a conscientious effort to monitor your online reputation. Find out what others are talking about you.

Setting up a Google alert might prove helpful to remind you to check. And once you know what their opinion is, do not be overwhelmed. Address the issue clearly and politely because the consumers should be treated as guests.

Well, this does not mean that you address only the negative reviews. Establishing a relationship with your consumers is another aspect of internet marketing services strategy that has had sure success. You could do so by having a prompt communication with your consumers. Do not wait to reply only to your negative reviews. Ensure that you respond to positive reviews too. Thank them for their positive feedback. It not only encourages your present customers but also helps potential customers see how much you care about your customers. Such prompt and appreciative communication will surely aid in building up and managing your online reputation.

ORM strategy for more serious remarks

orm strategy for more serious remarks

What if it is not just a negative remark? What if they impose malign on your company with false stories? What if the SEO results take your customers to those sites which designed to spoil your online reputation and drive away your customers? Your ORM process can work out a strategy that will increase the ranking of your content. But does this ORM process cost too much?

How much does the online reputation management cost?

how much does online reputation management cost

The cost of ORM services depends on the duration for which it is hired. It also varies according to the process, such as, how many phrases are monitored, how many social media platforms are to be managed, how many blogs are to be written, and so on. The cost might range from 250 dollars to 3,000 dollars.

The cost that your company will have to spend on the ORM process would fade in comparison to the cost of losing your online reputation and business. Therefore, monitor what your customers are saying, be prompt, and polite in addressing the issues. Remember the age-old saying, ‘a stitch on time saves nine.’ Yes, acting promptly and wisely with your online reputation management system will save your business.

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