Why WordPress Website is Best for Business?

A website is a representation of your business online. It doesn’t matter what type of business and what size it is. But what every business owner matter is a website that is easier to develop, cheaper, and faster. And WordPress is the only solution for all your website development services.

Let’s see ten reasons why it is best for your business.

1.WordPress Is Free:

WordPress Is Free

The WordPress website platform is free to use, modify, and design it in a way you want. The only price it includes is for your domain name and hosting provider. The additional cost would be the premium themes or commercial themes. It is open-source software that is free in the sense of freedom. It is built by a community project where tens of thousands of skilled people worked together and contributed to make it a software.

2.Easy to Setup and Use:

Wordpress Easy to Setup and Use

Even those who are apprehensive will find it easy to learn and use. As it is the widely used CMS, there are plenty of YouTube videos on how to use it. It is easy to develop by people who even don’t have an idea about coding. To develop a simple website, you need to choose a theme, use its features, and have your website online. But to create a professional website, its best to pay someone skillful in WordPress.

3.Free Themes:

Wordpress Free Themes

The first impression is always the best. Your website is the first thing your prospects see when they search online for your business. The best thing about WordPress is that there are over 6000+ free themes available for you to use.

A Google search on free WordPress themes would show you plenty of templates designed to be responsive (adaptive for mobile and desktop). With the right WordPress theme, you can see miracles in your business. The appealing graphic interface, an easy-to-use page builder, and the highly responsive site will help you achieve your business goals.

4. Added Plugins Increase the Functionality of WordPress:

Added Plugins Increase the Functionality of WordPress

For other hosting platforms, if you want to add any plugins, you must know how to code. But for WordPress websites, you can directly add the plugin to your site. Plugins act as apps for WordPress. It will improve the functionality of WordPress. For every specific feature you want, there is a plugin.

5.Secure Automatic Updates:

Secure Automatic Updates

The main reason why WordPress is so popular is the security it maintains on its platform. It has an automatic update enabling system where it installs the latest updates without user interference.

This feature introduced in WordPress 3.7 version (October 24, 2013). Then it automatically installed minor updates for security. Even the plugins used will also be updated along with the CMS. Always use plugins from trusted sources, preferably from WordPress itself.

6.Data Ownership:

Data Ownership

Unlike other CMS platforms, the data you input into the website always remains yours. You own your data; WordPress does not have any rights on your data. Moreover, it is no one person’s own company, which means not established, and it is open-source software. Your data will be safe and secure no matter where you host your site.

7.Search Engine-Friendly:

Search Engine-Friendly

The best and valuable plugins improve the SEO in WordPress. You can customize meta tags, fill in the H1 tags, decrease the 404 errors, and many more aspects related to SEO. WordPress website helps you gain organic traffic. Search engines like Google and Bing give priority to rank websites that use WordPress.

8. Websites Are Flexible:

Wordpress Websites Are Flexible

WordPress websites are more flexible and versatile; it allows you to create a blog, landing page, E-commerce, social media integration, and other elements you want to do. It is flexible for blog postings; you can easily schedule the things you want to publish. It helps you publish your content at specific times as per your requirement. It is the most convenient feature that improves the consistency of posts and increases traffic.

9. Allow Multiple User Types:

If in case you are not the only one running your website, WordPress allows you to give multi-access to your site, provides the facility to add users at different access levels. For example, if you want your employee or someone to add a blog or make changes to your WordPress website, you can access it through the multi-user option.

Following are the users you can provide access to:

  • Super Admin – provide total access to the website.
  • Administrator – only to the administration features.
  • Editor – all the content-related features along with removing other’s posts.
  • Author – publishing the posts.
  • Contributors – can write posts but should be approved by the administrator.
  • Subscribers – they access their profiles.


Google search engine provides importance to mobile-friendly websites. With WordPress, your entire site can be easily accessible on tablets and smartphones, as most themes are automatically responsive. It also provides you an option called mobile view for themes that are not automatically responsive.

Many people are now using mobiles than desktops for the sake of comfort and mobility. So you have to ensure your website looks good on any device.

The Latest WordPress Statistics that You have to Know:

  • WordPress powers 35% of the internet in 2020, with a 4% rise from the previous year.
  • More than 60% of the CMS websites are WordPress.
  • Every month over 400 million people visit WordPress sites.
  • In 2016, approximately 118 billion words published on WordPress.
  • 7% of all WordPress-commerce websites use the WooCommerce plugin.
  • On average, every day, 281 new WooCommerce shops will take birth.
  • On average, 661 WordPress sites appear each day.
  • org provides ready to use 50,000+ plugins and 3,500+ GPL-licensed themes.
  • Do you know? WordPress needs less than 5 minutes for installation.
  • According to data from W3Techs.com, the latest updated version of WordPress is used by 75% of websites.


These are the reasons why the WordPress website is best for your business. WordPress websites can be customized to satisfy your needs and are also easy to create.

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