Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services

What exactly is Online Reputation Management and why do you need it?

Online Reputation Management is a step-by-step initiative taken by a source to monitor, keep track, quantify online conversations and digital imprints related to your brand, profile, company legacy and other such pointers.

They basically speak of the following principles:

  • Monitor an online debate featuring your brand and brand value. It’s about keeping track of what is being said, and why is it said.
  • Keeping track of the online content being released on your company/brand’s name; If it fits the positive scenario you are trying to create, or not. It’s about validating the positive remarks and observing the negative ones to understand the sensitivity of a topic.
  • Quantify involves collecting facts, to know the content collected is authentic or not. If remarks are being made, then how many are public? What is the backup strategy adopted? Is there a necessity of crisis management and so on.
  • By doing the above at a micro level, one can evaluate the brand value on the market. If a company has been hit with a bad reputation, then what are the causes behind it? Why did such a thing occur, and such other questions are evaluated to know the root cause of negative criticism.

What can ADing do for you?

ADing provides the following ORM services
We help correct negative effects of a viral news or a viral video about your asset.

  • In parallel, we create marketing strategies for online consumption of your products, which aims at pipelining positive advertising to rejuvenate your brand value.
  • We help you gain positive visibility in the market through ADing’s one of a kind ORM service.
  • We help you gain your tarnished reputation by publishing positive material through ADing’s trusted resources.
  • ADing teams hold their expertise in creating positive campaigns through emails, social media platforms, advertisements, website hosting and so on.

ADing’s specialized services include:

  • Monitoring and observing online reputation of your company/brand.
  • Portfolio creation of your business and management.
  • We offer other co-related services such as SEO, SMO, Email marketing and so on, to help you gain maximum exposure online.

Our specialized ORM consulting agency adopts many methodologies in influencing people to build a new reputation that will help you find a strong foothold in the social market, from where you can choose to build on whatever you need the public to know about you.

  • We help you in evaluating where your brand stands at the moment in the market.
  • We help you understand your brand’s perception of others; as to what others think of your brand.
  • Do we try finding answers to questions such as, “Is the brand trustworthy to sell products at a given time? Are people willing to give your brand a fair new chance? Is the product about to be sold, worthy enough to be launched in the market given its statistics? And so on.”
  • We also find out if there are websites posting negative information about you. If so, we look into options to eliminate such news and minimize damage. This is one of the specialized services our expert ORM consultancy provides.
  • We help you create a new public profile in the form of a website if you opt for it. This will help you restore your brand’s reputation.
  • We help you frame new content, create positive blog posts and help you instill confidence in your clients.
  • In ORM services, we help you build a pre-defined brand reputation even before you have a brand released in the market. This will help new businesses set up popularity among people.
  • Our expert ORM consulting agency helps you with other supporting services such as SEO, SEM and so on.
  • Our experts at ORM services, do not help you procrastinate, instead gives you timely, step-by-step guidance in helping you set up a strong business profile.
  • Once you set up your profile for us, we help you stay updated and also help you build your site’s reputation with online marketing services available within ADing.
  • We help you build a positive relationship with your client base. ADing recognizes what is expected of a brand. We value and build a strong network.
  • We help you open up to transparency, criticism, and feedback; but in the right way. ADing will serve as your online shield. We help you gain a good client base with the best of ORM services.
  • We analyze and quickly respond to criticism and allegations. We address them in a polite way that will benefit both parties and resolve an despair arising from it.
  • To popularize your brand, we advise you on substantial things such as product placements and brand selling. We read the market for you to help you gain profits.

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