Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Consider in 2019

Social listening is the best and the cheapest way to understand the health of your own brand. But this does not happen automatically. Just as a doctor...

facebook india’s net profit rises 40% in fy 2017-18

Facebook India’s Net Profit Rises 40% in FY 2017-18

Why Facebook is an Excellent Social Media Marketing Platform? Facebook has once again proved true to its claim to be the favorite social media channel...

how artificial intelligence (ai) is revolutionizing digital marketing

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing?

When machines demonstrate human-like intelligence it is called artificial intelligence. Machines can be designed to capture data, analyze them and dra...

how to protect your company website from hackers

How to Protect Your Company Website from Hackers?

The most dangerous place in the entire earth is the internet. This statement is no exaggeration. Cybercrime has increased manifold and it is proving t...

how to dominate google search results in 2019

How to dominate Google search results in 2019?

Google search ranking is the wish and desire of all organizations. The higher the website is ranked the better the business prospects understandably a...

why do businesses need online reputation management orm

Why do Businesses Need Online Reputation Management (ORM) in 2019?

Why Do You Need Online Reputation Management? The great 18th-century Scottish poet and songwriter Robert Burns expressed his desire in these words: ...

how to optimize website for voice search in 2019

How to Optimize Website for Voice Search in 2019?

We live in a result driven society. People want results with minimal effort and that is what technology today is providing. The internet put a wealth ...

reduce bounce rate increase conversions in 2019 – how

Reduce Bounce Rate Increase Conversions in 2019 – How?

Businesses prepare websites and post information therein to educate, advertise, and eventually sell. When people visit the website but leave without r...

The Importance of Quality Content over Quantity in Digital Marketing

“Quality over quantity” is an adage we have been taught from our school days. However, in today’s business scenario where profitability is every...

reasons why should audit your website on a regular basis

Reasons Why Should Audit Your Website on a Regular Basis?

Early diagnosis of any problems your website has will save you the potential loss of numerous customers. That might raise a number of questions in you...

How to allocate Digital Marketing Budget for Your Business?

Target the eyes Desire! That is what basically drives the consumer markets. How do we get there? The entry door is primarily the eyes. It is the eyes ...

what kind of protocol you should maintain with the digital marketing agency

What Kind of Protocol You Should Maintain With the Digital Marketing Agency?

In this fast-paced world, we tend to stamp on each other’s foot at times. There is more probability of this happening between the client and the dig...

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